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I think one of my family members might be a delusional hypochondriac and I need help!?

Sorry if this is long but its a lot for me to take in and I don't know what to do. OK so Wednesday one of my cousins told me that a few years ago in high school he had a teacher that read his palm and told him, he was going to die at 20. Well my cousins is turning 21 in a few weeks and he has become quite strange.

So i just finished talking to my cousin and he told me some very disturbing things. Such as some other family members were conspiring to kill him when we were young with HIV infected blood. The story he told me was very disturbing but the details did not add up.

long story short I think he had a dream/vision which he believes to be very real.

So I don't know what to believe or what to do please help! Thank you

also I have spoken with some of the other family members in question who were also very concerned and disturbed about this whole thing.

I don't want to talk to his parents because I feel they will react the wrong way since they were not very compassionate towards him growing up.

I don't know what to believe a specially about the teacher. If this teacher exists she has permanently damaged him.

Here are the only facts I have

1. The Murder plot is highly unlikely. (the details don't add up)

2. The Murder plot would have happened 8-9 years ago and if he was infected (which he is NOT diagnosed with) should have shown some sort of symptom even after 8-9 years. which he has not.

3. called him self a hypochondriac.

4. I think he might be in depression.

If I'm forgetting something or more information is needed please ask. I will do my best.

It's really hard when you know the parents are not going to be helpful in any way, but I think he for sure needs to talk to someone. If you have to you can go around his parents and talk to someone at his school, or go to the hospital together. If nothing else, he seems like he really needs some peace of mind and comfort. He seems very delusional and when people get that way it's really hard to convince them of anything but what they already feel they know, but Anissa basically covered it in her post.

I had a friend who thought the FBI was following her and trying to inject horses blood into her and various people were trying to kill her. She was bi-polar with psychosis.

If someone is rational they would not think that way even if that teacher said what she said to him. His thoughts are delusions which enter into the mental health illness area much more than hypochondria - more like paranoid schizophrenia or something along those lines..but he should be evaluated.

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