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How long can you live with HIV without taking medication?

My best friend's boyfriend has HIV and was diagnosed a year ago. He doesn't like to talk much about it but from what the little bit he said makes me concerned. He said he wasn't taking medication because he did a lot of drugs in the past and it made him resisant to all the drug therapies. He is also saying he only has 2 years to live. I think he is just scared and this is not the case. He seems to be healthy and not showing any symptoms. I know that is usually takes 10 years to show symtpoms but I have heard of HIV strains that are drug resistant. So could the 2 year life span be correct?

I have several friends with HIV who are not taking anti-retroviral drugs or have stopped taking them, and are using alternative (non-drug) treatment with significant success. The longest running alternative treatment I know of is a friend from California who has been using it since the beginning of the year, is symptom free, feels completely healthy, has not had as much as a flu, and has had three tests done to monitor his progress (one just before he started treatment, one two months in, and the latest four months into treatment, each with improved results over the previous). To think of HIV as a death sentence is an unnecessary fear. And to think of HIV minus drugs as certain death (from AIDS) with timelines and all, only plays into the hands of the drug cartels we call BioPharma Industry.

Every body reacts differently to the HIV, so you really can't put a timeline on anything, and how long he will live untreated depends on the breakdown of his immune system as well as the introduction of opportunistic infections into his body.

In simple terms, HIV depends on a protein in its outer layer to attach itself to cells. Once attached, it inserts its DNA into the cell and this starts a process of virus replication. A way has been found to alter the outer protein layer of the virus by small electric current, which disables the virus from attaching itself to cells in the blood and thus disrupts the replication process and without harming the body (something drugs cannot do).

(Modern Medicine has collected and spent about a Trillion Dollars in Cancer and AIDS research in the last 30 years, and has very little to show for it, except a continuous revenue stream from non-curing drugs.)

I think I answered your initial question. If you are interested to find out more about the treatment, write me. The information itself is free. Necessary 'appliances' can be built by a competent person from a list of parts which is supplied free of charge, or I can guide to where you can buy pre-made compliant appliances relatively inexpensive.

I have some good news for there are a few doctors using a new hiv treatment that dose not involve drugs and has a very high cure rate. It worth looking into. check out the site below to learn more.

Maybe, but there really is no way to know how long someone with HIV will live. Someone could have HIV for up to 6 years before showing symptoms. Many people are infected a long time before getting tested and being diagnosed. Length of life depends on a lot of things, and it sounds like your friend has a lot of things against him., but there's no way to know exactly how his body will respond to the virus.

These days, with appropriate treatment, many people with HIV can live longer, healthier. However, not taking meds as directed, and long history of drug use, could shorten that amount of time.

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