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Can you have HIV symptoms even if testing negative?

I tested negative for an HIV test 4 days ago. The last person I was with was 4 months (plus four days) ago. I know you can't know for sure until after 6 months, but the results are supposed to be rather accurate after 3. I've been having night sweats pretty recently and a sore throat which doesn't seem to want to develop into anything else.
Is it possible that I've tested negative for the HIV test yet still have symptoms?

Your symptoms of sore throat and night sweats might be caused by babesia.

The HIV tests for antibodies present in the body and it takes around 3 to 6 months for antibodies to develop, that's why it's recommended that you get the test done twice to confirm the previous result. Yes there are some that are false-negatives but not as many as people think, because the testing method is sensitive already.

It is possible that that the first one is negative and you are having HIV symptoms but it is also possible that because you are so worried and stressed about it your mind could be producing the symptoms when you are actually negative...just a possibility Or you could have something else causing the symptoms.

If you are worried about the result get re-tested in about 2 months and if it comes out negative then those symptoms are from something else. It think the statistic is that 95% of people start producing HIV antibodies around 3 months, but there's always that 5%.

Try to be more cautious so to avoid this type of stress

Give up the self diagnosing. You are no good at it. You were informed that you were negative. That my good young man, is what you are. Relax. I feel concerned that you are letting this factor possibly interfere with what should be a most significant part of your life. Buy some eucalyptus lollies from your pharmacist and have some of those during the day for the sore throat. It will go. Night sweats? You probably just get too warm. That is nothing.

Now, if you are old enough and mature enough to request your HIV test from your doctor, then you are old enough and mature enough to pursue an active sex life. But do not go like a bull, take your time and without really trying to be, just be suave. This is such an important part of everybodies' ultimate fulfillment that you do not want to have any hang-ups at all about it.

Life is a banquet. Don't be like most poor suckers out there and starve.

They say that after 3 months it is safe to say that you are in the clear. In very rare cases it would take up to 6 months. Maybe the night sweats are due to something else. Not too long ago I got very ill and had night sweats, cough, sore throat, and any other thing you can name. I thought of the worst diseases that I could have. It really got to me so I decided to get tested for HIV. Mine came out negative. I trust in that because it has been much longer than 3 months for me. Turns out I just had a bug that my sister had given to me and my son. Sometimes we tend to trick our mind into believing that we have things wrong with us and we really don't. I was always afraid that I had HIV or something horrible....Hang in are fine

HIV symptoms are very broad, you could just have a cold. Sore throat and night sweats could be a multitude of other things. You tested negative 4 months. Thats a fairly accurate timeframe. You need to stop worrying yourself to death. Cold symptoms and having HIV aren't mutually exclusive.

False negatives are rare, but can happen. See a doctor about your symptoms, and get retested for HIV in 2 months. You may just have a bad cold or flu, or another type of infection.

you should be very careful about having intercourse with unknown person cos if they are in their window period of AIDS, you will still get infected. you will be negative during your window peruiod but can infect other person.

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