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Would you know if you had?

after 12 years or more..?
What would the symptoms be?

After 12 years you would be in the hospital with some type of infection that would not go away.

From your "name" it sounds like you'd like to have a baby, if you are interested, go get a HIV test done for your sake, but more so for the baby.

If a mother is HIV+ and she breast feeds her baby she can infect the aby with HIV.

I would see a doctor

There are no real symptoms you can see.
Best way is to get tested every 6 months or less.

Im sure by 12 years you would definately have symptoms that were making you very sick. There are many sites on the internet that describe the illnesses and symptoms of HIV and aids.

more than likely there would be some symptoms by now, but it is possible to go a very long time with no signs, so you might want to get a blood test if you are concerned

I would think you would have symptoms by that time, but it's not a fact.
You should get the test. It's really easy, just ask your doctor, they take a teeny vial of blood, and it's over!

YES you would know after 12 years is you had HIV. If your especially worried you can get tested at your local health dept.

If you think you might have AIDS, you need to go to the doctor and have yourself checked.
AIDS has three or four stages - the earliest stages its not so bad sort of like a cold and then you might not see any affects for years, but it is behind the scenes slowly killing off your immune system. After 10 or so years, you start see the effects and kills you. Go see your doctor.

A person can have HIV and go without symptoms. you can have HIV without it being aids i am pretty sure, but you should go to a doctor.

From a clinical perspective it is highly unlikely, but there is a simple blood test your doctor can do. Check it out. It will relieve your mind.

it rather depends on your sexual partner history. the more partners you have, the more chance of hiv.

if you have been with the same person for 12 years and have tested negative the times you've tested since being with that partner,you do not have HIV.

if you are having some strange health related issues, many other diseases out there can cause symptoms that may resemble hiv.

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