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What does it mean to be a carrier of HIV? does that mean you have technically have HIV but dont?

can you be a carrier and not infect others or go without symptoms for an entire life time?

This could refer to anyone that has HIV, symptoms showing or not, but what this most likely is implying is that you have the HIV virus but do not show obvious symptoms. This does NOT mean that you will not infect other people. Anyone with the virus, whether you show symptoms or not, is highly highly likely to pass it on. It's unlikely that someone will never show symptoms. You could develeop AIDS before you even realize you have HIV, which is why it's very important to get tested, and to be honest with your sexual partners.


to be a carrier of HIV means that your blood is infected with the virus. there is ALWAYS a risk of spreading it. some people dont show symptoms of the disease for a long time.

Carrier means you have HIV and can transmit it to others through bodily fluids. Vast majority of carriers develop AIDS eventually, but it may be years before that happens.

No, you can't be a "carrier". You have it or don't. You may not yet have symptoms, but you can still have the virus.

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If you're a carrier of HIV, that means that you are HIV positive and can spread the disease to others, but you don't have active symptoms of AIDS yet. Most people who are HIV positive are HIV carriers. If you maintain your drug regimen, hopefully you'll continue to be a carrier and won't progress to AIDS. However, once your T-cell count gets too low, you'll start having the symptoms of AIDS.

When your a carrier of the virus HIV you ARE contagious and usually show no symptoms until the virus progresses to AIDS. My patient had HIV for over 10 years without any symptoms then he got pneumonia and almost died and that's when he found out he had "Full blown AIDS"

A carrier is someone who has the disease, but it is not active within your own body. But can pass is on to others.
Can even pass it on to unborn children. You can have certain diseases that lay dormant within your own body, but can become active at a later time. Sometime highly stressful situations can bring on symptoms

It means that ur blood has the virus in it and u can pass it to others through bodily fluids

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