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Oral thrush and HIV?

Generally speaking, how soon after being infected with HIV does oral thrush appear as a symptom? Does it take two or three months? Or is it more like years? Also, how severe does the thrush look when it first appears?

Oral thrush is caused by an infectious agent that has nothing to do with HIV. It is caused by a type of yeast.
If you are exposed to this type of yeast, you can get oral thrush, wether or not you have HIV. Also, if you have HIV, there is no reason why you should get oral thrush if you are not exposed to the specific type of yeast.

If this is about you Call your doctor...If it's not about you still call your doctor and ask the question..also if youre doing research..WebMD would be a good source for info on this subject...

Thrush can happen to anybody at anytime. It's not specific to HIV+ folks, although since they have a weakened immune system, they're more likely to be affected.

Thrush is a yeast infection in your mouth, manifesting itself as a coated tongue and can spread into your throat. It can be treated homeopathically with yogurt, but if that doesn't help, see your doctor, especially if it's spread into your esophogus.

Dairy (except yogurt), sweets, and some antibiotics can all contribute to the growth of yeast in your mouth.

i believe that oral thrush happens when the body is converting HIV to AIDs. So it can take years or just a few months.

It is possible for a person who is experiencing primary HIV infection to develop thrush in the mouth and throat. It is rare, but has been known to happen with acute retroviral syndrome. ARS( which if it occurs usually happens 2-4 weeks after infection and lasts a week or two, rarely longer) is usually mild and non-specific...fever, rash, mono-like illness asceptic meningitis may occur and RARELY oroesophageal candidiasis (thrush).

Thrush can occur any time after that as a part of the chronic stage of HIV disease. As a person's CD4+ cell count drops the thrush (if it appears) can be more invasive travelling down the esophagus and down the trachea into the bronchi and lungs. This would be considered an AIDS defining illness.

Hope this helps

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