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People who get Gonorrhea,is it 100% they are HIV carrier??Gonorrhea izzit one of the symptoms of AIDS?

People who get Gonorrhea,is it 100% they are HIV carrier??Gonorrhea izzit one of the symptoms of AIDS?

Gonorrhea is a completely seperate STD. It is a bacterial infection spread by unprotected sex with an infected partner. In this regard, it is alot like HIV. However, this is the only simularity. HIV is a virus, and not a bacteria.
Thankfully, Gonorrhea is completly treatable with an Antibiotic called Rocephin, which can be given by injection and only one injection is needed.
We have come a long way in treating HIV and slowing its progression to full on AIDS. However, as im sure you know, HIV can not be completely cured. Not yet... Hope this helps

No, Gonorrhea was around a long time before AIDS was first diagnosed.

separate STD .... promise

i am dumbfounded this question was even asked,,,,thats ridiculous,,thats like saying if ive got a cold do i definately have siphlis learking in my rectum????? man go to a doctor or back to school

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