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Can someone have HIV with no symptoms for 20 years?

Are there any stats about this? What are the chances after 20 years if in fact you DO NOT know if the person you were with had it or not. We are talking about a man and a woman in a one time encounter.

The chances of not having some symptoms are very rare... symptoms however could be mono or sore throat, fever... things that could happen w/ or w/o the presence of AIDS/HIV so many dont recognize the symptoms... in 20 years if you ever donated blood, got a blood test... you would know if anything was wrong... 20 years is a long time to be stressed about this... and leaving HIV untreated for THAT long w/o it turning into AIDS seems unlikely.... People w/ HIV really have to take a lot of medicine and be careful that it does not turn into AIDS... so it does seem unlikely that you could have no medicine for 20 years and still "be fine" and not experiencing anything. I am sure that it happens because "nothing is impossible" but hun... go get tested and you will feel MUCH better no matter what anyone says! Good luck ;)

Yes, you could be infected with the HIV for 20 years and have no symptoms. There are those that are infected that do not go on to develope AIDS; however, they still can transmit the virus. This is NOT the norm, but does happen.

If there is any question, then get tested because the virus would show in blood tests even though there are no symptoms.

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