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Why does lupus have so many similar symptoms of HIV, are they allike in any way.?

Why does lupus have so many similar symptoms of HIV, are they allike in any way.?

They both attack your immune system

they are both immune system glitches

they are both immune system disorders. in lupus, the body attacks itself (autoimmune). in HIV the body's immune system is compromised so it is open to many infections that we can usually fight off. they are not related.

LE...Lupus Erythematosis is not like HIV. HIV is caused by a virus. LE is a connective disease, much like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

If you will go to the library ,they have book,s that will tell you all about Lupus and H i V .I have LUPUS and i ,ve had it for 23 yr,s and it is nothing like HIV. These are two differant diseases.

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