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Can HIV AIDS show symptoms after 15 years of infection?

Is it possible (in some cases) for HIV AIDS to show symptoms after 15 years of infection? I heard this from a friend but I think it is a lie. I believe it will be 6 months not 15 years. Who agrees?

HIV does NOT lay dormant, if you are tested regular and u have it you will test and have not put yourself at risk then 10 or 30 years it will not just pop up. HIV shows up in 25 days to 3 months. I just love all the inaccurate information that people give in here. This is why the HIV epidemic continues to go on because of all the miss information. for more information on HIV visit.

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can indeed lie dormant in a person's body for many years without any signs or symptoms. There are many other STDs that lie can lie dormant in the body as well. Sometimes women in their 80s, who haven't been sexually active in decades because of the death of their husband, have problems and go to the doctor and find they have an STD. Which obviously means their husband was cheating and left the proof behind. Anyway, the point is that there is no such thing as safe sex. There is safer sex, and there are no guarantees. Why anyone on this earth would choose anything other than a lifetime of monogamy is beyond me. The world is too dangerous, and life is far too precious.

Everyone is different, our body works differently. But according to the CDC, I think what they say that the longest is 6months. if a person were to take a test at the end of 6 months and the result comes to HIV negative, therefore he or she is considered to be safe.To be sure, one should take the HIV test after 1yr to make sure its negative... But after 6 month, that person is fine...
Also, If someone were to have HIV for 15yrs, I think you would see that their very ill and need medical attention.

I would have to say YES IT CAN , read on about my friend. I know that this is long but it may answer some questions you have. And who knows it just may keep some one from having unprotected sex, I really hope so. I don't want you to end up like my friend, I feel so bad for him and there is nothing I can do for him.

I have a friend who has aids he didn't show any symptoms for
many years, about 10 to be exact. After about the 10 year mark he started showing symptoms, getting sick a lot. Some one asked him if he'd had him self tested for HIV/AIDS and he stated no, the person told him "you need to have your self tested"!

Long story short he was tested and he in fact tested positive for HIV. It was only a couple of years later that he tested positive for AIDS. He has now been positive for about 16 or so years. He struggles with it every day.

My friend is a straight man, he dated a woman for a while that seemed pretty nice. The problem was that she had dated a man before that had been an IV Drug user, she never told my friend about this man's IV Drug use. So that was how my friend contracted HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS are no joke, it's alive and well and the gifts keep on being given to others. I have seen many people with aids and it is a terrible thing for any one to have go go through, I saw a lot locked up in prison. All the pills that they take every day, just to be able to keep them self alive. Any where from 75 to 100 pills a day, not a joke at all.

People need to protect them selves from this and the many other diseases that are out there. Once you have the disease it's over, you have it and there is no going back to where you were before. My friend has gone through so much, it's been so hard on him having to deal with this, the mental pain and all the symptoms are so difficult.

Getting HIV/AIDS will change a persons life forever. People must protect them selves, don't expect some one else to tell you the truth of weather or not they have this disease or not. People must take action and protect them self. Use a condom, or don't have sex with any one. Keep your self safe and alive and free from std's that are out there.

If the person that you are with won't use a condom then don't let them go there, it is after all your life that you are protecting. There are people out there that feel like some one gave it to me so why should I have to tell them that I have it, let them get it!!! They don't care, some times they want to let others get it too because they are angry and hurt, they want others to feel the same way.

There isn't a day that goes by that my friend doesn't wish that he could turn back the hands of time and change what happened to him. But it is too late and there is nothing that he can do except take the medications that have been perscribed to him. He takes about 75 or more pills a day so that he can keep him self alive. Some of these medications must be taken on an empty stomach and some with food, every one of them is different. Just taking medications is a balancing act, when to take them, how to take them. Some must be taken at certain times of the day. Think about taking 75 or more pills a day. And remember that each medication can have side effects that go with them, that alone is hard on your body.

Keep your self safe, there is only one you. If you have had unprotected sex get tested. If you haven't had unprotected sex continue to keep your self safe. Never let any one tell you that you can not get HIV/AIDS from unprotected sex, Because you can and will. Use a condom if your going to have sex.

Good luck to all!! Stay safe.

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