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Can you get HIV symptoms within 10+ days?

Can you get HIV symptoms within 10+ days?

A few weeks after the virus enters the body, some people have flu-like symptoms such as fever, body ache, and headache, (every infected person may not experience these). These symptoms disappear after a while, and then there is a long phase of 3 years to 12 years which is asymptomatic. After that, when the immune system starts failing, AIDS sets in.

no it can take even up to ten years to show up in your body

No. It usually takes a very long time. Sometimes the virus cant even be detected in a blood test for 6 months and you dont even know you're infected. Thats what ive heard anyways.

yes... HIV can cause problems several years after infection but that doesn麓t mean it can麓t also show symptoms days later.
It "activates" its self at different times in different people.

No known cases of symptoms that early it's usually between 6 weeks to 3 months. Many people don't have any symptoms at all in the beginning but those who do may think they have the flu, fever, rash, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes and glands. If you even believe you've been exposed get tested as there are medications to help prevent or at least slow the progression to full blown aids Good Luck

If you are experiencing HIV symptoms, it's probably psycho somatic. Your mind can play tricks on you when you are worried about something. It can convince your body something is happening when it is not.

Best advice is to see your doctor and discuss it. This should ease your mind. The doctor can tell you when, and if, blood tests are necessary.

By law, the doctor and the staff are not allowed to tell anyone, not even your parents, your husband, or your significant other. Neither can your health provider.

No, it doesn't take 10 years to find out if you have HIV.
You can probably get tested within 10 days, but it'll take about 6 months for the results to come back.

Yes. It takes about two weeks or 10-14 days for the initial cells to become infected.

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  • Can you get HIV symptoms 2 - 3 days after sex?

    No, HIV may take months or even years to show up. If you think you're infected do a test so that at least you'll know and avoid infecting other people.

  • Aside from getting tested regularly, are there any noticable symptoms of HIV?

    Usually not until it develops into AIDS.

  • When do HIV symptoms begin to appear?

    HIV symptoms refers to AIDS. It's vary, depend on your immune system & life style. Usualy 1st AIDS symptom will appear after 5 - 10 years.

  • Does anxiety of hiv cause hiv symptoms?

    Yes it is true..think about it if someone is scare dtey have something and they use the internet and someone has like one symptoms they start readingnstuff on the internet could start seeing ...

  • Does hiv symptoms show in 10 days?

    No, it takes months and even years for symptoms to develop.

  • Does hiv symptoms come at one like each one every day ? this is not for me i am doing a debate and can't find

    Hey... Okay i think it comes in stages.. but if you mean acute infection alot of people say it come sin one ...hope it help.. Stay safe and your friend as well

  • Are symptoms HIV related?

    It's really a scary thing. The only sure way to find out is to get tested. Although condoms are the best defense, there's still a possibility. I'll be praying for you!

  • Can HIV AIDS show symptoms after 15 years of infection?

    HIV does NOT lay dormant, if you are tested regular and u have it you will test and have not put yourself at risk then 10 or 30 years it will not just pop up. HIV shows up in 25 days to 3 months. ...


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