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If a person has sex with an HIV+ person one time, can they get HIV?

I know it's a silly thing to ask....but I'm not sure what to do. I am afraid that I might have it. It's only been a week since I last had sex with him. I had the strangest sickness: the right side of my lung was so infected, I could barely breathe. It went away on its own, but then I started getting sores in my mouth. What the heck is going here? How soon can I get tested?

he said he got hiv from a bad blood transfusion a couple of years ago.

Go to a free clinic right away. If you knew he had HIV u should have went to a doctor the very next day. THey would have given you medication to prevent you from getting AIDs. Maybe its not too late. Or go to your doctor. You should have at least used a condom.

HIV usually doesn't cause symptoms that quick. You may have some other kind of STD. Go get checked out ASAP!

Of course, you CAN, but it's not real likely.

Some of the newer tests CAN tell after only a couple of weeks, but most of them need about 12 weeks to be 100% accurate.

I think that only one time in enough to catch HIV, but not necesarily. Go to a doctor and ask him/her about it. Are you sure he was HIV+? Or do you just think because you have those syntoms? I think that HIV takes longer to show syntoms, but I'm not sure, probably you have something else. Going with a doctor might help you know what's wrong with you, probably it's something else. Good luck!

Yes, you are infected, right now. The virus spreads through body fluid. It will take some time for the infection to show up through testing, has nothing to do with your lungs. HIV can stay in your system forever, sometimes taking years to develop into AIDS. Now that you're infected, you MUST tell everyone you plan on having sex with that you are HIV...people have gone to prison for not telling their partners. So you KNEW that person was infected and yet put a life sentence on yourself. I hope you live until you're 30! Get tested right away. The sores need to be looked at too, could be Herpes....stay at home, sex isn't worth dieing over...Good Luck!

Yes you can go to your Dr. or health department and get tested

you need to get tested as soon as possible
you need to also let the doctors know that you have been involved with someone who is HIV positive
The sores in your mouth could be herpes infection
I wish you the very best of luck but please do not have sex with any one else for at least 1 year without protection because it may not show up on the first couple test you have

you can get hiv and aids from a person who is infected and you did not use protection weather its intercourse or oral sex you should be tested NOW to see if you have it even if it comes back negitive you still need to go back in 6 months to be retested i dont know if its too early for symptoms but what i see is your working yourself up and getting false symptoms or anxiety over worrying about this but definetly get checked

I think the chances are 50-50
If you have to know, only way
Is go for a test and good luck

You cannot be tested reliably this soon, but you can be counseled!

Go immediately to a free STD clinic, your doctor, or Planned Parenthood. You need FACTS, not wild guesses from 12-year-old boys on Answers!

HIV does NOT, however, cause symptoms in this short a time, so your symptoms are something else, but that doesn't mean that you are not infected with HIV!

If your partner claims to have gotten infected from a "bad" blood transfusion in the US, he is probably (almost certainly!) lying.

As you must have figured out by now, YES, YOU CAN BE INFECTED IN ONE SEXUAL ENCOUNTER!!!!!!! How mant times do you think you get infected? Do you have to hug a kid with a cold 12 times to catch it? Of course not!

Did you know that he was HIV positive before you had sex with him? If you did, and you still had unprotected sex, then you're just stupid. Did you think "It won't happen if I only have sex just once with him?" Do you not care what happens to yourself?
Did he not tell you he was HIV positive until after you had sex with him? Then he can be charged with attempted manslaughter or one of those charges. If he knowingly gave you HIV, then he can go to jail. The sheer number of people on this site asking these types of questions about STD's really scares the living hell out of me. Do you all just not care that you're passing around crotch critters like people pass around a snack platter at a party???? Get yourselves educated, and use condoms when you have sex!!!! And when you start to notice symptoms, don't just sit around wailing OH WHAT AM I GONNA DO??? Go get treated! Most STD's can be treated with antibiotics. But the longer you wait to get treated, the more likely you are to become sterile or worse. If you're screwing around like horny bunny rabbits, get yourself checked out regularly. Most STD's don't have any outward symptoms. They can only be detected with testing. HIV, Herpes, and HPV are 3 STD's that never go away. If people have told you that they do, they're wrong. You'll carry those std's with you the rest of your life, and will pass them on to anyone you have unprotected sex with. I doubt this will actually make a difference to anyone, but I had to vent.

wow you need help! why would you not wear a condom? it is possible you have a 50/50 chance of getting it but most likely you will

who gave him the right to have sex with u without telling u b4 that he had aids.its not a silly question becouse its enough to get hiv from one intercourse.but it depends on what happened:was it safe sex?did he use condoms??
i can assure u that the sores in ur mouth are way to early to happen if u were contaminated with hiv.
test urself now...but it might come out to b negative.the virus needs 3 to 6 month to show up in blood
but go now to a doctor becouse he can test u and maybe give u a vaccine that lesson the opportunity of contamination but i dont know if its too late for the vaccine bec it works first 34 hours.
anyway go and ask...test ursel anyway than test urself in 6 month
good luck

Darling this is not so much a silly question as a lack of information.
Yes plan and simple you can get infected by just one sexual interaction.
I have never heard of HIV causeing signs this fast but that doesn't mena that it is impossible. What you should do is go to whomever you trust enough to talk to them about this but it needs to be someone who is informed. A Dr., nurse, planned parenthood or STD counciling cener.
You need to be tested and most likely will need to be for a few years to come this is not a disease that shows immidiately every time.
Good luck and bless you

just because a person has sex with someone who is HIV+ doesn't neccessarily mean that the other person will test positive for the antibodies, the more exposure, the more it increases the risk...the window period for detectable antibodes is 28-90 days(CDC standards) i encourage you to contact your local health department, or AIDS service orginizations within your community -Steven Varnadore Communicable Disease Investigator Public Health

Duh....Why would anyone have sex with someone who is HIV+ and then ask this question....seriously?!? Go to your doctor and find out what is going on with your health ASAP. Use your head.

why would you even have sex with an infected person?

that wa sso ignorant like hiv say okay im not gonna infect her until the second time around lol it only takes one time just like pregnanacy dont be ignorant then they wonder why the black community is suffering from this epidimic.Im sry to be rude i pray for you and wish you the best of luck always protect yourself.

Yes. The virus won't descriminate. Whether you're male or female or it's one time.

Im sorry to say it but if you know that he has HIV and you made sexual contact with him then it is possible that you contracted the disease. It will often take a while to find out if you too are HIV positive. Sometimes it isnt traceable for years. Definetly GO TO YOUR DR or CLINIC asap and explain the situation. I hope you are okay. Best wishes.

OK, you know, he is HIV+, before have sex we him, so you know that if you not use com don you have very height Chance to have, you have to check for HIV for one year because now can be negative, but later can be positive, what you fell now is another thing go to you Dr and explain to him abut what do you fell now...

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