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How long do you have to wait after sex to test for STD's?

STD's like HIV, Syphlis, Ghonerrea, and Chlymidia

No how soon do the std's show. Everytime I have sex I get tested. I always use protection. I just wanted to know that if I get tested 2 weeks after and something was contracted, would it show on the test results?

test right away
Test early
test oftan

You have to test right away

A couple of weeks.2 0r 3 to be exact and sometimes they still don't show up

DUH how stupid can you get? To late now isn't it?

I don't know, but the question is why are you having unprotected sex in this age of incurable STDs?

get test right away if u think or not sure u have them..... its better to know u have it or dont have it then to find out later down in life

It varies by the disease you are testing for. For example HIV will generally show up in a test result if the person is infected by 6 to 8 weeks after exposure, but the government suggests you wait at least 3 months (13 weeks) to be certain. Testing earlier than 6 weeks is very unreliable. This is because the common tests for most STDs look for the body's antibodies produced against the disease and the antibodies take a while to appear. Herpes also takes 3 months. The other STDS vary although most are less than 3 months.

Herpes does not take 6 mts to appear. its takes 2-14 DAYS to appear.

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