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What does a standard blood test detect?

Can it detect signs of HIV? AIDs? STDs? Diseases?

i mean a STANDARD test -- when your family guy doctor takes your blood every check up anually.

A Standard Blood test usually consists of a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and a Blood chemistry.
The main prupose of a CBC is to count red and white cells in your blood stream.

A Blood Chemistry exam is a collection of 12-14 different tests that measure a host of minerals, electrolytes (E.G. Sodium, Chloride), sugar, kidney, heart and liver function.

Both tests combined are an excellent tool used to help Physicians diagnosis a large variety of diseases (E.G. Diabetes, infections).
However, neither blood test is specific for the detection and diagnosis of HIV,AIDS or STD.
Along with a CBC and Blood Chemistry the Physician may order blood tests that are specific for the detection of HIV,AIDS or STD.

Yes; it will detect HIV or AIDS. It will also show if you have any problems with your organs.......

yes blood test can detect signs of hiv and aids and any outher std you or anyone around you may have but that depend on if that is what they are even looking for

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cbc=differencial=esr=retic count=pt(inr)=ptt=monotest=aso screen=ra test=hbs ag-anti-hav=anti-hbs-anti-hcv=anti-hbc=h... studies =h.pylori antibody=psa by screen ao monitor=albumin=alkaline phosohatase=amylace=bilirubin=bun=ast=al... gases=uric acid=phosohorous=digoxin=lithium=salcyla... level=tsh--thyroid=glucose (11/2 hour-2 hr after eating=random glucose
gestational glucose=urinaltsis=pregnancy test=stool prenatal=blood group antibody screencrossmatch
hope this helps you

There is really no such thing as a "standard" blood test. Only those items ordered are tested for. If your doctor wants a particular screening it must be ordered. "Routinely" HIV etc are not screened for unless indicated and they are usually expensive. If you want a particular screening you need to request that. Generally "routine" blood work includes a CBC and possible TSH. Other testing would depend on your particular age and health issues.

While standard boold test can determine the presence of certain STD's, it will not be able to locate HIV in the blood stream. This is why there are special tests to detect HIV. And AIDS is not detectable - it is a syndrome made up from the existence of a group of conditions. HIV tests do NOT look for the virus...they look for antibodies that are produced by the body once HIV has entered the body. ONLY an HIV antibody test will locate the antibodies to the virus. If an HIV test comes back positive, there are other specific tests that are run to determine the actual presence of the virus itself and the specific strain of the virus that a person may have in their blood stream.

If a doctor asks you if you want an HIV test, and you say no, no other test will tell you if you have been exposed to HIV. None. The ONLY way to know for sure if you have HIV is to allow the doctor to run the HIV antibody test. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not working off of fact.

Florida Dept of Health HIV Educator

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