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When a doctor / nurse takes a full blood count blood test......and this comes back normal.?

does this mean, that you dont have HIV????

i am sure i havent, and want to give blood, but dont wanna be refused because they find a HIV positive result ......

wud they just say we cant have your blood because you are HIV positive?? i practise safe sex, although like most people, i have had the odd unprotected episode, and i just starting to worry.

a cbc (complete blood count) is an entirely different test than an HIV screening test.

When you go to donate they will test you for HIV on the spot as well as a few other diseases as well.

If you are worried that you may be positive have your Doctor order a HIV screening blood test.
Congrats on wanting to donate blood.
It's an honorably thing to do.

blood counts are to count red and white blood cells. wouldn't tell you whether or not you are hiv positive. Although, come times if the virus has been there a while, the white blood cell count can be affected. but you really have to be tested specifically for hiv to know for sure. go to i think they have a test you can take at home.

When you say a "full blood count blood test" do you mean a complete blood count or CBC? This tests only shows the amount of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It is not an HIV test. In order to be tested for HIV you have to request an HIV test. In many places this requires your consent. Medical facilities cannot test people for HIV without their written consent.

Go get an HIV test for your own peace of mind. Your doctor can do it for you.

Good luck!

A full blood count/complete blood count test will not determine whether you have HIV. It MIGHT show some abnormalities in your leukocytes, but not always. You'd need a test that specifically looks for HIV antibodies or the viral load itself to determine whether or not you're infected. If you're worried, get a home test kit or find a free clinic in your area.

sweetie just pop to your doctor and ask for a HIV test this will put your mind at rest, i worried just the same when i became a blood Donner, so it is completely normal, get the test and when it comes back clear go and give blood

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