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I'm living with someone who is HIV positive. What precautions should I take? Should I get tested?

I'm not worried about contracting it sexually. But should I be worried that I got it threw other ways?

If your not having sex with this person,or shooting up drugs with them then how can you get it? Thats like asking if you can catch stupidity by standing next to someone whos ignorant.The only precaution you really need is to avoid hurting this persons feelings by saying something like this to them.You can cause them to regret being honest and maybe avoid getting help for fear of being judged.You can kill their spirit,which will cause them to die faster.If this person told you they obiously trust you and care about you,Im sure they wouldnt do anything to place you in harm which is why they told you.But everyday activities wont put you at a friend and go give your roommate a hug : ) you'll both feel better.

No need to take any extra precautions unless you are sexually active with this person. In this case, use condoms without fail, to protect yourself. Do not share intimate articles such as toothbrushes or shaving razors.

HIV cannot be spread from one person to another through casual contact, such as touching, hugging, hand holding, kissing or sharing utensils and dishes.

Use common sense. If you feel the need to disinfect, once a week is enough. Use bleach to keep bathrooms clean and 1/4 cup in the dishwater to kill germs. No need to go overboard and disinfect and sterilize everything in the house.

If you feel that you have placed yourself at risk by engaging in high risk activities with the infected party, such as unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex, shared needles or shaving razors, then get tested.

If you feel that you should get tested for your own peace of mind, then get tested.

if you arent worried then why get tested i would think very hard on that matter yes you can get it and spread it to others as well you need to be tested and retested . why sometimes the first test might not show up the ppositive test where the .2. one will . my opion?

HIV/Aids are BLOOD born diseases spread by contact with BLOOD to somewhere where it will reach your contact no problem...the end...

You r a contact, so for sure u must be tested for infection & if u r infected u r infectious & treated as a case & if not u must avoid exposure throughavoiding sexual contact with suspects,avoiding contact with blood or blood products of infected.shaving articles & tooth brushes must be strictly individual

kick him out

Dont touch him. Like mom of 1 and 1 on the way said, kick him out. WTF were you thinking?!

Only if you share needles,blood or other body fluids!

Don't have sex, do not have any type of blood contact. Have bleach on hand.

If you had intercourse, yes get tested, what a weird question that is. For precautions, there is all kinds of material out there for you to read. I am sure you Doctors office is more than happy to send them to you.

make sure you dont use the same razors, toothbrushed, or anything personal.

I am sure there is an HIV web site that can give you ALL of the facts. It is possible to get it threw kissing, also threw blood. IF you have a cut on your hand and the INFECTED person's blood comes in contact with it you could get it that way.
Normal contact hugging, holding hands using the same dishes will not give it to you,

Just sex or blood. No, I wouldnt get tested unless youve had sex with them.

Just do like you usually do,Plus if you had sex with other get tested anyway you never know what diseases you have

yeah and then run for you life

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