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To get HIV or an STD from a male, he has to ejaculate inside you? Thanks?

I've been having sex with a guy for a while, he told me he always gets tested b/c he travels so much with his job; to go into a country he has to do those tests. He said he got tested a yr ago and was neg. I had intercourse with him 1 night and he revealed something that frightened me a bit. he said i don't have hiv or anything b/c i don't have sex with men. i didn't say anything to him, but that statement to me was ignorant b/c you CAN get something from going with a female. Duh! That made it seem like he will do a girl without a condom, but im not saying he would. we have sex sometimes without a condom for 5 mins b/c he wants to "get aroused", then he puts the condom on and ejaculates into that. We sometimes also have sex totally without it and then he just ejaculates on my stomach or scared b/c im wondering if he does it like that with his gf. he does have another gf in europe where he travels to (don't worry about the 2 gf's thing). im coming to Yahoo A b/c i didn't have time to ask him anything else and now im worried b/c after having sex 2 weeks ago i got a tiny bit of a sore throat, very tiny, didn't even bug me that much, and teribble headaches that lasted for a few days and i am having prickly sensations on my body. i am so ambivalent and confused b/c i have been under tremendous stress b/c i am in college and had exams. it was the most stressed ive been in in my life. and now that its sort of finsihed the headaches have subsided but i do still have the prickly on my skin. im wondering if it could all be just stress and the heat or did i catch something. b/c the symptoms i have are like an std. yet he never ejacualted into me, but it's never 100% sure. i will get tested soon so you don't have to tell me to get tested . i only want to hear opinions on what could be going on with me b/c he isnt back until a few weeks and im going crazy worrying. hes so far away that calling is jsut static e.t.c. i don't think i could have stds or hiv b/c he never ejacualted into me b/c we are dead set on watching out for becoming preggers and he was neg a yr ago. but i could be in danger b/c im having some physical stuff that is a bit like std symptoms. but im the kind of person who is a realist and think "you never know". if someone can give me some answers i thank you so much.

I don't know if I have syphilis. I looked it up too and some symptoms fit but they don't add up to my symptoms, because the major symptom is a sore. i saw a pic on wikipedia and i defintely did not have any type of sore like that on me....i now have knees that hurt a bit.

You can get a STD from oral sex, and by him penetrating you without condom,not ejaculating inside has nothing to do with it.
Look we can only speculate on your condition, for me I would be seeking medical opinion and blood tests, then you can act on the results good or bad.
You are dicing with contracting all types of Stds if he is being promiscuous whilst away.鈾?/div>

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Nurse, heard it all before sadly when trusting women listen to guys telling them anything to cover up being cads

No that's not true. The STD can infect the skin around the male genitalius. Therefore it can infect the vagina.

Get yourself tested asap.

You should have been careful...
ALWAYS wear a condom.

Yeup! It IS possible to get an STD just by him inserting his penis into your vagina. If ANY fluid comes out of his penis (pre-*** for example), then it can contain an STD virus. I would got get checked out if I were you.

I'm sorry sweetie, I did not read all of that.. but I do know that YES, you can get any STD/HIV/AIDS without him ejaculating inside of you. The disease can be transmitted within 1 second of him being inside of you. Good luck and remember that the disease of HIV/AIDS takes a full 6 months to make itself seen in blood tests..

I won't tell you to be careful and to always use a condom from now on, because I'm sure that after this scare.. you will never let this happen again.. CORRECT??

Virus can be transferred in precum. You should get tested, and you should not be having unprotected sex with a man you know is having sex with others (unprotected). You have a responsibility to yourself to keep your own health a priority.

You certainly may be suffering stress related symptoms, being in college - but for peace of mind's sake - get tested. And for crying out loud - do not have unprotected sex with anyone - you can't blame THEM if you do, 'eh?

You may, you may not, you may be having an anxiety attack. Get to a clinic/doctor ASAP and please have protected sex.

u /can / catch / a / sexual disease /without / him / being /inside /you

why not do this go to the doctor and let them tes u for all the STDs that they can....because if u dont use condoms even for 5 minutes or whatever u can still get anything.....

Well if you had unprotected sex then he could have passed body fluids into you without a full ejaculation. The physical symptoms don't mean much unless they are a rash or itching in your genital areas. In any case you should go to a Doc for a full work up for STDs.

It is quite difficult for a man to acquire HIV from a female in normal sex. None or very little of the womans body fluid enter the mans body. Unfairly it is very easy for a woman to get HIV from a man in normal sex.

You can still catch when he puts it in you he does not have to ejaculate in you to catch it you can also catch it by oral or anal sex. you need to wear a condum from the minute before he puts it in you till it yall are done.

I would say you really need to sit down with this guy and educate him on how you get hiv. It is possible to contract hiv from a man, even if he doesn't ejaculate into you. There is a pre-ejaculate that happens well before the man ejaculates. If you have let him have intercourse with you without a condom and he "pulled out" he still had pre-ejaculate matter that went inside you.

The symptoms of hiv (that in which you are referring to) don't usually happen for about 12 weeks after you are infected. This is referred to as the period of seroconversion: where you go from testing negative for hiv to testing positive for hiv.

It sounds to me like you have a lot going on in your life right now and some of your physical symptoms could be related to that. I have had a headache for a week because of allergies. A sore throat could be from post nasal drainage. The tingly sensations that you are having, I am not sure what they could be caused from.

I am not going to tell you to go get tested, you seem like a smart woman. Good job for taking the initiative to go on your own.

Just so you know, I am a nurse and teach my patients about infectious diseases.

Pretty unlikely, but I typed your symptoms into yahoo search and this is what I got. P.S. STD's are transmitted when the virus comes into contact with mucous membranes. So eyes, (inside) nose, mouth, vagina, anus, any wet skin can get it as well as any open sores or cuts. With or without the infected person ejaculating.

What are the signs and symptoms of Syphilis?

The primary stage of syphilis is marked by the appearance of a single sore (called a chancre).

The chancre is usually a firm, round, small, and painless lesion.

It appears at the spot where the bacterium entered the body.

The chancre lasts 1 to 5 weeks and will heal on its own.

If inadequate or no treatment is administered, the infection progresses to the secondary stage.

As the chancre disappears, a rash develops.

The rash often appears as rough "copper penny" spots on both hand and feet.

The rash may also appear as prickly heat rash, as small blotches or scales all over the body, as moist warts in the groin area or as pus-filled bumps like chicken pox.

Other symptoms can include fever, swollen lymph glands, sore throat, patchy hair loss, headaches, weight loss, muscles aches and fatigue.

Late stage symptoms include poor muscle movements, paralysis, gradual blindness, dementia (mental illness).
How do you get tested Syphilis?

A health care provider can detect the syphilis bacterium from infectious sores under a microscope. The body produces antibodies that can be detected with a blood test.

ok back to 101
he sticks it in you without the lil cover on there then you can catch things from him.

sounds like a bit of a player your with there too, especially if you know for definate about a g/f and you don't call yourself one.

why not get him to stick it in your ***, won't need to worry about getting pregnant then

you can get an std from touch, also precum can also carry viruses. you shoild ALWAYS have protected sex. even that isn't a sure bet.

well, you never stated where the tingling skin is?? If its in your private area, it could be herpes. After initial contact with the herpes virus, you do get sore throat, headache, flu-lke symptoms. You do get tingling and/or prickling in the area that has come in contact. Yes dear, there are many STD's you can get just close contact, no ejaculation is needed. For example, warts and herpes. Good luck. Yes, you do need to go to dr.

YES...from the contact your having you could contract any/all STD's.....WHy are you so un-educated about this????.....see a DR. immediately......relax education and diagnosis is the only real answer at this time !......THEN...educate yourself and others...PEOPLE like you scare ME!..........preggers,"never ejaculated in me".....your not a REALIST.......stay in school

Yu can get a STD eveb if he hasn't ejaculated yet because the diesase isn't allways in the sperm. Yu should get yurself tested and if yu are not sure if hes telling the truth, then yu should not have sex with himm untill he is tested again x

First of all: see a doctor. Nobody can diagnose you from here. Second; make men wear condoms. Women are so easily messed up by STDs it ain't even funny. All that nice soft skin, warm wet conditions, etc is perfect for viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoans, etc.

If you are in a committed relationship: go on the pill and dump the condoms and have fun. This goes for all of you women. I cannot believe how willing women are to put their entire reproductive system (and even their life) on the line for a roll in the hay with some strange guy. Unless proven otherwise, you should assume that a guy is infected with something.

First off go to the doctor and get tested for std's and hiv. STOP HAVING SEX UNPROTECTED ! Dying for sex is not up for discussion with any man ! Women need to wise up. If your with a man and the only way to keep or please him is through sex, dump him !

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