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What does HIV laying dormant mean?

I just learned a friend of mine has AIDS! I can't help but be creeped out by the whole idea. We've never had sexual relations but I have dated a guy that used to date his ex, and lost contact with that whole group I used to hang out with so don't know the source, if that makes any sence. I moved away and haven't seen any of them for a few years. Anyway I have been tested twice awhile back, (before I learned of any of this), and came back negative. But I was wondering, what it means by HIV laying dormant? Does that mean you can test negative and still have it?

No. If you have it, it's gonna show. Negative means negative. HIV in a dormant phase means you have the virus, but it has not activated into AIDS.

was your friend gay?

HIV dormant is still having HIV. Viruses go through a stage where they are not active. If you have ever had Chicken Pox, you still have it. It is embedded in your DNA, and you will never not have it, but it is "sleeping" and will not, in most cases, "wake up." HIV also goes through "sleeping" stages where you have no symptoms and everything seems fine, but you still have HIV.

HIV laying dormant means that the person may be a carrier for the virus, but the virus has not become aggressive. And it will not, but the risk is passing it on to someone else, where it could become a problem.

It means that you are not showing symptoms and it can do such for years. I had a friend of mine who I had helped in a bloody accident to the ER. Yeah,...blood all over me. A couple of years later, he told me that he had HIV. I couldn't help but freak. I, too, went twice to get tested. They told me that it will, most likely, show up on test results if you are positive. My understanding is the "window" or dormant period is when no signs or symptoms are present. That is obviously when it is spread the most cause people don't know that they are infected and, as a result, carry on as usual. Hope this helps. Don't let it drive you nuts...cause it can. Just be careful in your actions and get tested again later.

No. Dormant means that the active disease AIDS or when ones immune system is faltering has not happened. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV is dormant when it has not caused AIDS yet.

yes hiv/aids remain dorment even for 15 years

yes u will be negative for hiv
but still have hiv

get tested once every 6 months for 7 years and after 7 years and the test is still negative then 9 times out of 10 you dont have it.....lying dormant means u have it but no syptoms....

When the virus enters a persons body, the immune system begins to fight it. It does that by making antibodies against the virus. These antibodies are always in your system. Unfortunately, the never win, that is they never destroy all of the virus. This is partially because the virus is able to hide in your immune cells for long periods of time.

When you get tested for HIV, you're actually getting tested for antibodies to the virus. Those will only be there if your immune system has seen the virus, and will always be there after it. It sometimes takes time to build up these antibodies, which is why the test isn't able to detect recent infections, but after usually 6 months (1 year max), they will be there.

So if after all this time, you've tested negative, you are negative.

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