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How long does it take for HIV to develop into AIDS?

dont tell me to take a test or anything, i dont have hiv. i just want to know the answer to this question!

Hi there,

If a person is HIV+ and they do not do anything (i.e. get tested, know they have the virus and get on medication) AIDS will most likey develop after about 10 years. With that being said, a person who knows that they have HIV and decides not to do anything is just waiting around to die. If a person has HIV and does get on the HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy) they may never develop AIDS. Because of the miriade of medications out there today....most HIV+ people in the developed countries can live 20+ years and more.

Hope this helps!

it differ from person to another, it can never develop( you will be only the carrier) or it can develop very quickly

There is no set time.
For some it could be months--others, years

I'm to understand that there is no definite amount of time, but rather it varies from person to person. Some people with HIV never get AIDS.

Some HIV carriers never develop AIDS. Depends on health and lifestyle.

It depends on the person's body strength.

Ask a doctor yaar.....

It totally depends on the person, and the strain of HIV that you've been infected with (there are lots of different kinds, kind of like siblings that all look alike but are slightly different). If the virus is highly virulent, and quickly reproduces, it will attack your nervous system faster and you will develop AIDS faster. It could take a few years, but it really depends.

However, there are some strains that are very slow-acting, and they could take many years to develop into AIDS!

there are various factors that can contribute to the development of aids, first of all the overall health of the individual, but most importantly the stand of HIV contracted, there are several different variations of the virus, if the fast acting strand is contracted full blown aids can occur in as little as 6 months, the slower acting virus can take as as long as 10years to cause Aids, keep in mind Aids is just the state when your white blood cell count is almost entire depleted

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