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How long does it take to find out if you have HIV?

i am 7 months pregnant and my husbands ex old girlfriend is telling me that she gave him Hiv i took a blood test like five months ago and i never got the results please someone tell me how long does it take

The window period for an HIV antibody test is from 6-10 weeks from the time of exposure to risky behavior.
You should re-test immediately and follow-up with getting your results. Most Free clinics now offer Rapid HIV testing. You can get your results in 20-30 minutes.

Usually you don't find out.

You should be able to get the results right away. Call the doctor that took the test and ask him what the results were. If they don't have it have another test.

30 mins go to Plan Parent Hood and they have a test that requires no blood and all you do is swab a cotton tooth brush in your mouth and that's it 30 mins later you have your test results!
It cost 30.00$ Hope this helps you out

you get tested and you should get the results from one day to a couple of weeks

Sheesh. Why didn't you get the last results?

After exposure, it can take 3-6 months for a detectable viral load. You need to find out the results of your LAST test and if it was negative, you need to get tested again.

Not to mention your husband. Hopefully, this ex is just a twit trying to screw with you.

uh... well you are supposed to take a test and if it comes back negative you are encouraged to take another later on. You can not be positive until at least three years after you might have contracted it. The tests arent always correct...

i would think u would find out that same day...and if they never got back to u, i would assume u are clear. call them tho just to make sure

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