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If a person tests negative for HIV, can he or she still transfer the disease?

If a person tests negative for HIV, can he or she still transfer the disease?

In general, its takes up to 6 months for the virus to show up in blood tests. So, yes, in the meantime, it is possible to still transfer the disease.

If the person is NEGATIVE for HIV, then there's no way they'd be able to since they don't have the disease.

Negative means "no" HIV can only give what he has, try not to get it!

Never seen a stupider question. If you don't have AID's how the *uck are you supposed to tansfer it?

No, a negative test means you do not have or carry HIV. ONLY someone who tests positive can transfer HIV. BUT, it takes up to six months to show up on a test. So if you have been at risk inside of 6 months, you may be carrying it and not Know it.

YES!!!!!!!! Many people who are HIV positive test negative on occasion because their antibodies can be at low levels on some days.

If they are negative they cannot transfer the disease because they dont have the disease.

Most tests are accurate after one month. You should not have sex with that person for a month. Have them checked then. Thenhave them checked again 3 months later to be sure.

If you are HIV you are HIV no matter how you slice it.
you need to clear this up, is someone HIV neg ,or not HIV?

to those that said HIV neg is not having HIV then you need to look into it. you are VERY WRONG.

Yes.He might be a carrier depending upon the circumstances.The element is dormant in him and only it gets expressed the test is positive.

If you test negative that means they do not have the disease therefore they cannot spread what they do not have. On the other hand it may be to early to detect. BE CAREFUL WHATEVER YOU DO.

Yes, they may be a passive carrier, without the antibodies which trigger the test.

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