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When u get general blood work done do they test for diseases?

I've had loads of blood tests done due to a reoccurring sickness (tonsilitis). I ended up needing surgery and they did a blood test before the surgery. I've also given blood many times and they obviously test the blood prior to giving it to someone who needs it.

What exactly do they test for during those blood tests? If you have hiv, stds, lupis, leukemia, or cancer unknowingly will these show up on the blood tests?


They only check for those things if you ask them your case, they were looking for things related to your tonsilitis...not STDs and things like that

When you donate blood, they make you fill out a sheet with possible illnesses you could have. And even if you say you dont have them, they still test for all of them and if you're found to be positive, they'll contain the blood you've given and give you a call with the problem.

Not unless the doctor (or you) specifically request for it. Most times they check for infections, not diseases.

I think they usually will just test for whatever specific thing they are looking for. So if you are asking about HIV, they will test for HIV. Yet, if you are going just for tonsilitis they may not specifically look for HIV or etc.

No. They can only test for what you ask them to test for... nothing more. You need to be specific if you want them to test for hiv, stds, lupis, leukemia, etc.

It all depend on what your doctor specifies. If you doctor specifies a FULL panel, then they screen for everything.

No - you have to have blood tests for specific reasons. When having a cholesterol test, for example, you have to fast prior to that. Often your doctor WILL check blood sugar levels and other basics with one sample. But always ask for the exact tests you wish to have. For HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, you have to ask for those specifically.

My understanding is that the Red Cross only tests for diseases which could be transmitted through transfusion and for indicators that your blood is not healthy, such as low iron.

That would be HIV/AIDS and probably others. (I'm not a medical professional.) They would not routinely check for STDs, lupus, leukemia, liver function, cholesterol level, etc.

yes they do test blood for all those things! espically if you donate blood they will check it! and they are required to turn your name in to a health clinic and then they will call you and tell you about it!

They only check for the specific things you ask them too. However, if they detect an abnormality in your blood they have to tell you by law, even if you didn't ask them to check for that specific abnormal trait or disease.

For tonsillitis the blood work they are doing, is to check for types of infections. the blood work they do before surgery is to check your blood cell counts, blood type ect. for the other tests you ask for they only check if you ask, or if your doctor has a reason to check for those diseases.

They only check the basics which are, Hemoglobin and Hematocrit count, Red Blood Cells count, White Blood Cell count and Platelet Count. If your doctor notices any issue with these counts s/he will run additional test. Otherwise the patient will have to ask for the additional blood work up for STD's, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, Sickle Cell, etc.

usual blood work is for
hemoglobin to check the red blood cells
white blood count to make sure there are no infections
random glucose to check your sugar
urinalysis to check for urinary infections
if you are suffering from a particular symptom or disease they will do other tests that refer to those diseases
or if you need a medical they do screen for HIV
and hepatitis with all the other blood work like liver function test, fasting glucose, hdl/ldl ( fats tests for cholesterol and triglycerides

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