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I Suck the brest of girl i did not know her if she has HIV, and i tested a fluid, am i contaminated if she is?

I Suck the brest of girl i did not know her if she has HIV, and i tested a fluid, am i contaminated if she is?

No, the only way for you to catch HIV from her is if you guys have sex and her vaginal fluids mix with your semen, or if her blood is somehow mixed with yours...say threw and open cut. However, if your that worried wait a while and then get tested. Believe me, though, your not at a risk just doing that.

yes u surely will get HIV if sge has it well tell me what was the taste of that milk

Only if she is currently nursing, and you swallowed some of her milk. Otherwise, if that's all you touched, then no.

I guess you mean to say that you tasted a fluid, rather than "tested a fluid"? Whatever that fluid is, if she has HIV, you could catch it too if you have sores in your mouth, but the probability is you're probably okay.

HIV is in every liquid in the body of infected person. was it milk or tea?;)

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