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How long do u have to wait to find out if ur HIV + or - after sleeping with someone without protection ?

If i have slept today with someone infected with HIV, would taking the test on the next day show possitive ?


In today's modern worl, there are various test that can be carried out.

PCR Test which detects the actual DNA of the virus which can be detected within 48-72 hours

P24 Antigen test, detects antigen which appears before the antibodies the minimum time for detetion is less than a week

Antibody test, the earliest test is 22 days for detection but most people according to a new york source an abundance of individual will test positive in a month after infection.

So, it depends on what test that was performed.

Take care of yourself

i think so as it could be absorbed into the blood by then but it should be recheacked after so soon just in case

I think you have to wait several months - maybe 6 months.

There's no point in being tested for at least three months. At three months, you may be able to get a positive result, but a negative result does not mean you are in the clear; it might mean the virus hasn't multiplied enough yet.

Get tested again at six months and again at nine months. If you're clear after nine months, then you're definitely negative.

It's a terrifying prospect, unfortunately. There's no quick or easy answers.

you have to wait at least six months to test. so close your legs and pray for the best.

Currently used antibody tests are more sensitive than those used in the past. Most people will develop detectable antibodies by 30 days after infection with HIV 1,2. Nearly everyone who is infected with HIV (99%) will have antibodies detected by 3 months after infection 3. Rarely do people take longer than 3 months, but it can happen 4.

A person may need to wait at least 6 weeks from the time they thought they could have gotten the virus before taking the test. Waiting longer, up to three months, will give better information about whether they are actually infected with HIV.

there are ELISA and westernblot tests for detection of HIV, BUT THEY CAN'T DETECT in window period (it is usually around 30 days in majorities of cases). After this period these tests like ELISA and western blot will do work. However nowadays virus culture and one recently developed test (.....?) has been identified that can detect even in window period.

ELISA and western blot tests can't detect HIV in window stage because these testes are based on detection of enzymatic activities and in window period (though virus load is very high; has high transmission capacity than in later stage) they can't detect.

U have to wait for atleast 6 months b4 testing. If u test -ve, don't let ur libido cloud ur common sense.

You can take the test whenever YOU want. The only problem is, it takes some people alot longer to become positive than others, due to their current health, diet, etc. Also, you may find that after six months you go and test again and it comes back negative, your in the clear right? Wrong. Some experts say depending on who you are there could be up to a 7-10 year window where you could be testing negative the whole time, but perhaps you test again in another year, it could come back positive. Good Luck!!!!!!!


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