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Is CMIA method for testing HIV as good as the ELISA??

It is also known as HIV Ag/Ab Combo Test (CMIA) (Chemiluminescence Microparticle Immuno Assay)

The Ag/Ab test does not look for the virus itself, but looks for both the antibodies (Ab) created by the immune system and also for a particular protein/antigen (p24 antigen). The p24 antigen is present early on but not always present in infection as it often starts to rapidly decline after the immune system creates the antibodies mentioned above

The test is just as accurate as the antibody test, and may pick up the infection at an earlier time -- meaning it may detect HIV infection sooner than a standard HIV antibody test

From my knowledge, I may be wrong, the HIV Ag/Ab Combo test not only detects the virus, but also looks for the antibodies as well. It is a two duo test that is complete results of knowing if you are infected with HIV or not by looking for the virus and the antibodies to be on the safe side.

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