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Planned parenthood never called back with results?

I went to get tested (std check/ HIV check) and they never called back with results. I did also have them test for a urinary tract infection which i was given meds they got back to me regarding that issue, but never gave me results for the other stuff. What could that mean? Every time I call, I get put on hold for an hour at a time and I dont have much time to do that, so any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

Go back down there and wait for them to pull your file and someone to give you the verbal results.

Depending on how long ago, and whether they had to grow cultures in a petri dish, the results just might not be ready yet.

At the end of the day, no news is good news.

if they did not recommend follow up treatment/testing then your STD results were more than likely negative....If you absolutely have to know what the results say...go down there or make another appointment if you can't do it by phone

My understanding is they only call you if you have a positive test result. But if you want to know for sure, contact them again for your test results.

It might mean they don't have the results back yet

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