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ok im 14 years old. i went to use a unisex bathroom in wal-mart to do a no.2 but there was no more toilet paper and i was already on the toilet. i saw a little box that had crushed toilet paper and i took one out. turns out that the little box was a tampon despenser. what if i have HIV? i dont want to get a test...i just need some comforting! what if my brothers or sisters have it from drinking out of a cup i drunk out of...HELP! EXTREMLEY SCARED?!? it happened about a month ago and i think about it day and night... some days i forget but then my mind keeps telling me ...."what if"........ what if the tissue had blood? what if im infected..????HELP I JUST NEED SOME COMFORTING THATS ALL... oh yea i used a tissue not a tampon....

HELP!!!! im starting to sit in my room isloated and thinking...

Calm down.. simply coming into skin contact with blood of an infected person will not give you HIV. The blood would have needed a way to enter the body - either through a wound or another opening in your body (eyes, mouth, etc). If you did not have any cuts and you washed your hands, you have nothing to worry about.

dont worry, lol your making it a bigger deal than it is(:
only if you had like a cute on your finger and you touched blood, that's the only way. besides, the blood on w/e you touched is dried and all that, so there would be no way for it to pass on(:
and you cant get HIV from drinking from a cup. herpes: possibly. but only if the other person has it. dont worry, its hapoped to me before and im clean(:

ok, first of all if the tissue wasnt red it didnt have blood on it. 2nd of all you cant get hiv from drinking from the cup of an infected person. and tampin dispensers contain wrapped tampons so theres no chance you have hiv. but if you are really scared go to a clinic and talk to a doctor, they can put your mind at ease.

Hii dont worry because im sure it didnt have blood on it. Also you cant get hiv from drinking out of the same cup because saliva has some hiv but not enough to give you the virus. If you are really concerned go to a doctor that way they can see if you have it as early as possible.

Hope this helps

aw come on. true HIV is pretty terrifying, but I highly doubt that u hav it now. Also, i think ppl with the disease ar careful with wot they do with their things. I dont think they are careless enough to...wotever. and its from a tampon dispenser?
deosnt that mean it gives out tampons? and that its not there for ppl to dump anything on? Why wld a HIV person just a dump an infected toilet paper?
dont worry.

I doubt it... the blood was probably dry by the time you used the tissue (if there was even blood on it).... and even if it wasn't the person might not have any STD anyway... your brothers and sisters cant get it from drinking from the same cup as you.... it's only passed through blood, at birth, and I hope you didn't have sex with them.... so you should be fine, don't worry. If you are still worried GO GET TESTED!

dont ever do that agian. not because you can catch an std because you wont...and i promise you dont have HIV from that (Im in the medical field so if you cant trust no one's answer you can trust mine) but dont do that because its nasty. you would be better off going out of the stall to get a paper towel.

dear i highly doubt it. plus you wiped your butt yeah. and you didnt notice any blood on the tissue so IF there was any i dont think itd affect you. if i were was in that situation and was a guy id be more worried about the fact that i may have wiped my butt with a tampon or a period stained tissue. ok? calm down i think youll be just fine

first of all calm down

....ur siblings cant have hiv becuz they drank out of the same cup as you....the only way you can have HIV is when its sexually transmitted

....nd if you feel that you are really scared about having HIV....then u shud telll ur mom about the situation and ask her if you cud get tested

but for now....stay calm and dont wrry sure nothing is wrong =]

calm down. You are fine. It would be almost impossible for you to contact HIV via tissue paper. Don't worry about anybody drinking from your cup either. Please refer to the following web site with the MOST current information on HIV. Read up and your fears will be gone.

well..go see a doc before it's too late...
why did u not consult anyone as soon as the stuff happened..if i were u i would have rushed to my doc and told him whatever that happened on that day..
well it will take some time for the viruses to act...u still got time to go check if ur infected or not..there's only 1 in 10 chance for someone to get infected in such a fashion...betta not be u..
but to be on the safe side..just go see a doc

what are the chance that someone is walking around a wal-mart with HIV and dumping their used tampons in a tampon dispenser. How many people use that thing and how many people have HIV, your fine, get over it

ok your name says it all, Mr Paranoia. stop worrying, chances are you don't have anything, but if you can't stop worrying ask your mom to take you in for a test. Better to know than to worry all the time.

Don't get too worried about it i think you would have noticed if it had any blood on it e.t.c if it is really worrying you go to the docters its confidential and they are there to help and listen.Try and stay calm. x

You don't have HIV. Stop worrying. You are not going to get it that way, but if you keep worrying about it you will bring it on yourself. You are what you think about. Think good thoughts. Not ridiculous ones.

That was not a smart idea, but I highly doubt that you have HIV. Did you see if it had blood on it first? You could go to free clinic and get tested. Better to be safe then sorry. God bless.

Go to the international AIDS website and read up... everything you described are ways AIDS can NOT be passed.

Get educated so you don't sound like a moron.

if you wiped your butt with it your not going to get infected. and your brothers and sisters cant get it, HIV doesnt take full affect in your body that quick

I was going to make an AIDS joke but then remembered that they've been played out since they made "Everyone Has AIDS".

Still, LOL aids.

Try going to see your doctor.. Talk to a person you trust (an adult) Don't talk to your friends.. Chances are kids your age don't know anything..

OMG that is sick! You used a USED item to wipe yourself? I would have just used nothing! Oh god I have to go vomit now.

You should be fine, but from now on if you don't have TP use paper towels, or carry tissues with you.

That is gross..................... Ew......................

If you have aids you deserve it. But you most likely dont.

If you're really that scared go tell your parents and see what they think.

tell some one if you are to scared to tell ur partents tell some one that is grown and they can take you to get check

You don't have HIV...

You have aids.

well if it didn't get mixed into your blood your going to be fine its alright don't worry about it

1st you need to tell your parents kuz you did nothing wrong.
2nd do what ever they say
3rd your gunna be fine!

ok first of all that was real dumb....second take a test

chill out dude. you don't have s**t.

try to relax but dont do that again!!!!

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