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Can you sleep with someone who's HIV pos for two years and not get infected?

Im well educated in the practice of safe sex and HIV contraction, but I was just wondering if it's possible to have sex with someone unprotected for two years, test negative a year and a half into it and THEN become infected with the disease? How easy is it exactly to get the disease? Thanks for all your answers.

Anything is possible. I've always said HIV and sex without a condom is like Russian Rullet.

A negative man only has a 1 in 1300 chance of contracting HIV from a HIV positive woman. I'd been with my husband for 4 years when I was diagnosed. He is negative. But risk possibilities increase when a positive man and a negative woman have sexual intercourse.

Sure it is possible. There is no definitive proof that sex in general causes the transmission of HIV. If HIV spread even 1 in 50 sex acts on average between a positive and negative couple, most people would have it by now. It would spread that quickly.

It could be that HIV will only spread during sex if blood is present, and not other sexual fluids. The researchers don't know for certain, because there is a huge difficulty finding a way to test it. There could be other conditions on it. Researchers don't know and don't have a way to find out.

Then there are a lot of people who wouldn't contract HIV even if HIV infected blood was injected directly into them.

Then there are many studies of positive and negative couples. They don't see many new infections, certainly not anywhere near what is expected. Generally a plausible theory of why is presented like condom use or sexual practices, etc, but there are no definite answers of why to this question.

Essentially this subject is a can of worms, a container holding slimy hard to hold organisms that are always proving difficult to use.

Yes it would be possible. There are so many things to look at. If the HIV+ person had a low viral load the risks of infection could/would be lower, If there was a change in the viral load and it spiked, say the medications weren't working then the unprotected partner could become infected.

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