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How accurate is a 5 week 2day hiv test?

How accurate is a 5 week 2day hiv test?

Standard HIV tests are considered accurate at 3 months. A fraction of one percent of people may take up to 6 months to seroconvert (create the antibodies the HIVtests look for).
HIV is active virtually instantly once inside the body.
More than 99.9% of people experience a window period of 3 months or less. 95% - less than 2 months. 75% less than 20 days.

Most authorities consider the window period to be 3 months.
Of course, nothing is 100% accurate but I believe the rates are as followed:

"A large study of HIV testing in 752 U.S. laboratories reported a sensitivity of 99.7% and specificity of 98.5% for enzyme immunoassay, and studies in U.S. blood donors reported specificities of 99.8% and greater than 99.99%. With confirmatory Western blot, the chance of a false-positive identification in a low-prevalence setting is about 1 in 250 000"


What do you mean by 5 week 2 day? If you mean that you think you may have been exposed to HIV 5 weeks ago and you're going to get tested, then the test will not be accurate. To recieve an accurate HIV test result, you need to wait 3-6 months after the possible time of exposure to get tested. HIV antibodies may not be present in your system before that time, but the virus may still be there. So since its the antibodies they test for, you need to wait.

i have had unprotected sex for years (with females only) and have luckily dodged many bullets.

i have always been anxious in taking tests. i did research for months on testing. basically 6 weeks with an antibody test is good enough. 8 is your average. 3 months is too long. by 8 weeks you will either have HIV show up in the bloodstream or it will not

like flowerman said who is a hiv specialist

after 30 days 90% will show

after 60 days - 94-96%

90 days - 100%

there are those who take longer also

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