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If you test negative on a hiv test 2 months after contact, can you still test positive 1 month later?

how come the doctors dont know this information and say it takes 6months to get tested?

what do they mean by 75% of people will show positive in 20 days, 95% by 2 months, 99% in 3 months? is it mostly common to show HIV antibodies within the 1st month as supposed to 2 months?

the person who is arrested (formal friend) tested negative for HIV a week after the rape.. says he never had HIV/AIDS anyways and never got in trouble with the law before (all true by the police)..

i tested the day after the rape - negative, and 2 months after the rape - negative.. but i did start coughing a week after the 2 months testing that lasted for 1 month.

im going to get tested this week since its 3 months..

what does those percentage obviously means? i called the aids hotline of san francisco.. they told me.. they highly doubt ill test positive at at the 3rd month, if i tested negative at the 2nd month..

did they misinformed me? btw i have very healthy immune system.

Ok - here is what the statistics mean.

75% will show positive in 20 days -- 75% of people who have HIV will have a positive test result, alternatively 25% of people who have HIV will show a negative (false negative) result.

95% by 2 months - 95% of people who have HIV will have a positive test result with 5% who have it showing a negative result

.....and so on.

So - the day after - negative - was pretty much not going to be positive unless you already had it. 2 months - most people will test positive but a percent will not but still have it.

If the rapist had a negative test - unless he was in the initial infection window- he most likely is negative. That should reassure you more than anything.

That is why the recommendation is that you initially get tested 6-12 weeks after the encounter, then about 6months and then at one year - by one year 99.9% of people with HIV will have a positive test.

You can still test positive after 6 months

Everyone is different and having a healthy immune system, you can be fighting the disease. So it can take 6 months for the infection to flare up enough to show positive.

No, I believe you are well informed. Sounds like you'll be ok.

if the guy doesn't have HIV then you couldn't have gotten HIV from him

Information is based on typical results or studies. If you have any reason to believe that you may have this disease, test yourself silly. Don't worry about statistics and take care of yourself. You may be stressing yourself out which could be why you're developing a cough but I really don't think you are at major risk for it. But by all means, go back twice a month if it'll clear your mind. Do it as often as you feel necessary.

I am sorry to hear about the rape. I hope you're recovering ok from that.

It can take 3-4 months for the HIV antibodies to show up in a test. In VERY RARE cases, it can take up to 6 months for the antibodies to show up.
HIV does not usually show any symptoms so soon after infection. You've obviously been under a lot of stress for the past few months, and stress can cause a person to become physically ill; your symptoms may be stress induced, or due to a simple cold.
Also, your repeated questioning and looking to Yahoo Answers for advice on this issue may actually be increasing your anxiety level, rather than reducing it. Talk with your doctors about how you can reduce your stress.

actually they know alot...
HIV can take YEARS for it to show.

my uncle (who died about three years ago) contracted it from his girlfriend in the early 90's, got tested when he found out she was hiv positive, his test was negative...then after a few months he took another test and it was positive.

it takes a long time for the antibodies to actually find something to stick to and start working.

you may have just had a cold.
im sure your fine hun.
try to live worry free for atleast a year, then get tested again.
atleast your doing the right thing and getting tested :]

(and dont listen to most stats. usually the numbers are inflamed, or its completely made up- but it sounds good.)

good luck !

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