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How long after being exposed to HIV should I get tested?

i need to get tested.. how long should i wait if as i was exposed to HIV yesterday? its 3 months right?

The most common HIV tests look for antibodies to the virus. CDC states that most people infected with HIV will have detectable antibodies within 3 months of exposure to HIV, the average being 25 days. It can take up to six months. Testing early has many benefits. People who know whether they are infected or not can take precautions to protect themselves and others in future. HIV-infected individuals can benefit from early treatment.

good luck

I think it's 3 months to get the results back. Get checked straight away. Why would you expose yourself to this risk in the first place?

How were you exposed yesterday? If you think you are at serious risk of developing the virus and you get to a sexual health clinic/a & E ASAP then you can get what is called PEP.. post-exposure prophelaxis. It means you take special medication for a month or so to prevent the virus taking hold. You have to be quick about it. If you were exposed yesterday you need to start medication in the next 24 hours to have a chance. In answer to your question, your body will produce detectable anti-bodies in 3 - 6 months. This is how a diagnosis is made.

3 months is usually enough time most doctors say 30-90 days after engaging in "risky behavior"

No you should contact a doctor at once. If the contact is a high risk one there are standard procedures including the use of antivirals.

The first thing you should do is stop having sex with other people. Your behaviour is criminal.

You have an obligation to report to anyone you have sex with that you are infected.

If you infect someone, I hope they come forward and have your charged with aggravated sexual assault.

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