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HIV PCR and Elisa After 60 days? Conclusive?

I had both tests done for reassurance but I still have my sore throat. It has been the case for 6 weeks and today i noticed a swollen lymph node on my neck and the skin over it is slightly irritated ( small red pimples). With both tests ( HIV PCR and ELISA) coming back negative after 62 days, i wonder if i should suspsect HIV still or something else?
Please help, any advice is highly appreciated.

I have one more thing to add please.
I have had sore throat for 7 weeks now and when i saw an ENT he could not diagnose any causing agent such as bacteria or viruses from the oral swab culture.
I am just wondering if that could be the effect of the HIV virus being latent.
I appreciate your replies.

you are probably negative, but it wouldn't hurt to get tested in a few more months.

did you have a western blot done? that's a confirmatory test for HIV.

i would go see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

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