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Do you get tested for HIV on your first visit to the ob/gyn when u are pregnant and again before you deliver??

After having two kids I don't remember if they check you for HIV, I do remember getting tested for STD's..


With my OB/GYN, I was given the option to have the test done in the beginning of the pregnancy. I had to sign a permission form so that they could do the test. It was never re-done or even talked after that.

It's possible that each doctor has his or her own policies about what tests are mandatory and what tests they even offer.

yes, now i think it's a standard routine test

It's a preventative thing. If ur result had theoretically come back positive then the doc could've given u options, including medications which r supposed to help stop the virus from crossing the placenta and infecting the baby, making sure no blood or fluid transfer occurs at birth between mother and baby, and basic precautions for all the medical professionals involved in ur pregnancy and delivery. I've got a 2 year old perfectly heathly, if not a lil annoying at times, girl and i got the same basic drill from my doctors about: if the tests are this or if the tests are that. U know what medical types are like.

I was tested on my 2nd visit only. I just had a baby nearly 3mo ago.

In the 1st trimester of pregnancy it is optional. You do need to sign a consent form, and you will get the results back on your next prenatal visit. (unless the test comes back positive for HIV, in which case you will receive a phone call telling you to come into the office). I only know about the one time that the screening for HIV is done. My daughter is 1 1/2 yrs old so if there is a second screening now being done before you deliver, that's news to me.

I was tested with my first baby, but since I am married I was not tested the for the next two. guess the doc just figured there was no need. From my understanding you are only tested once through the pregnancy unless you live a high risk lifestyle

They only tested my babies in the hospital.

I'm from Australia here, so could be different... but i was told by the maternity hospital, that it was optional to have an AIDS test but if I refused to have one, my baby and i would then be treated as if we both had HIV... They only tested once.

you get tested at your first appt. they do not do it again (unless you think there is a possiblity you may have contracted it over the course of your pregnancy, then I am sure your doc will check again).

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