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Sore throat, puking, fever, aching body, headache. What could it be?

I have felt very sick since Tuesday morning. I have had a very very sore throat, a fever of about 102, I have thrown up about 4 times, a headache, and just not feeling good.

I went to the doctor and was tested for:

He said its just a virus and i should be better by Monday, but Im just not sure. Ive entered my symptoms online and things have come up like HIV, gonorrhea, and other STDs.

What worries me is I had sex last Friday night and no I didnt tell my doctor this. I might just be paranoid but im just trying to consider the options. What do you think?

You'd better tell "DOC" about this if it doesn't clear in a couple of days!

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    thats normal. it normally takes a couple of days to get the results, not counting the weekend. :)

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    nope. u only have to wait for about 24-76 hours till taking a hiv test. because u need to wait for all of the surgery meds and fluids to go thru ur body. so ur all good. no aids!

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    jeez go to the doctors anyway so u can get shots to protect urself, i forget what its called but call the dr!


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