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My husband cheated on me with a girl from an escort service.?

I have been married for 7 years and have a 6 year old little girl. My husband has always had a wandering eye..before me got married, he cheated on me with a lady 14 years his junior. 4 years ago he flirted w/ a coworker but no sex. Last night, he confessed to me that 1wk. ago he called an escort service and for $100, he had sex with a prostitute. He is scared shitless because he developed demartitis on his penis and went to the health department to get tested for HIV/STD'S. He told me he used a condom and was told by the Dr. if he used a condom, then 99% effective on not passing the disease. I am stunned beyond words and in the middle of finishing my last year of college for an education degree. I plan to leave him after I finish my internship in the spring, I don't have job now and he is the only source of income. I bluntly told him our sex life is over but I will surprise him with leaving in May. This is adultery and now I have to get tested just in case. I wasn't asking for trouble and it has knocked at my door. Should I be worried if he used condoms?

If the 2 of you don't use condoms then his skin might have had a reaction being he doesn't normally wear them. I think you'll be fine but of course you should get it checked out. Are you SURE he used a condom though? Do you believe him?

He's obviously not a trustworthy person. He may be saying he used a condom because if he said he had sex with a hooker without one he would look like an even bigger idiot. Don't worry just get treatment if he has passed something to you. Definitely don't have sex with him ever again. You never know who else he's sleeping with. Finish school and leave the jerk. You can do so much better.

Condoms are effective if used properly although you still do need to be tested because who knows what he is not confessing to you. Also you could leave him now with help from the local government. There is no financial reason to stay because with a child the local government will make sure that you are helped and will fast track child support for you.

You just need to worry about being tested yourself and finding a job. Your concerns now should be focused on getting your internship completed and then securing a job that will support you and your daughter. People do bad things to good people, I'm sorry that wasted seven years on this a**hole, but you have a beautiful daughter and managed to get an education out of the deal. Good luck to you and your daughter.

The worst is to be scared of HIV or similar. Wait few days and go to a HIV test, and repeat it after 1 or 2 month, in the lab they will tell you when. I bet you are not infected, but that is better to know it by an exact medical test, then you can sleep without any fear.

I am off course not a doctor. therefore take what i say in that context.
If he had ordinary sex with the lady using a condom, I think the chances of a disaster are very small.
However, is it not a good idea to go to a doctor and start a course of anti retrovirals? if its not too late, that is.

Guess you should have worried when he cheated on you before marrying him, hmmmm? Sheesh when will women learn????

Honey at this point you most likely have an STD that has not shown its ugly face yet.

Get yourself tested for everything under the sun. You knew he was dirty before you even married him.

i know it must be hard for you because you are not working. but until May? that is too long.. by then you will probably change your mind.
you need to leave him now!
find a place for you and your little girl.
so if he didn't have to go to the doctor, he probably wouldn't have told you. He's probably done it a lot more than you think.
good luck.

First...Go get tested right away.

Second..No sexual contact with him for 6 mos (if you choice to stay with him) HIV/AIDS has a 6 mos grace period in where it can show up

Third...he needs counseling, hiring a prostitute puts your whole family in danger

Finally...if you decided to stay with him go to a marriage counselor

Always worry about STD with a guy who sleeps around... always. God, hon, you married a true jerk.

Hey, be his roommate only until you can bail, eeeek... how could anyone get over the EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW factor, yucko... and google the info on increases in STD's some don't cure up too well....

Who knows what else he has done and has not confessed. If I were you, I will pack up and leave him hanging like a lamp post. The longer you stay, the more difficult it will be to leave....The signs are obvious and it seems you have a cheater on your hands...

hes an as$hole, and i hope that after u leave him he gets stds.
why did u even get married to him after he cheated on u? dont u kno....once a cheater, always a cheater...? its truem as much as u dont want to believ it. he obviously never loved u...
i hope u find someone desperate and low is it to f**k a ho0ker? whata scum.

He cheats on you and I assume lies, why are you believing him when he says he used a condom? I really hope you are serious about not having sex with him and leaving him. You have a daughter to worry about.

You can never be too sure. Get tested then leave him after you can provide a stable household or you and your daughter.

I would be worried period. If hes telling you about that I wonder what else hes not telling you. May be the tip of the iceberg.

No, you leave him NOW, today, with the agreement he financially supports you. He owes you big time.

I would leave now! and he cheated on you so how can you trust him when he says he used a condom? You need to get your self checked by a doctor as soon as posssible, and make sure you take an aids test.

The guy sounds like a stupid loser. Is there anyway you can get away from him before May?

i would be worried if he used a condom or not because he cant be trusted. make sure you get checked out as soon as possible then get rid of the dirty git

Nothing is a 100% effective. I would be concerned.

finish your degree, thats important

Of course you should worry. I can't disagree with your plan. I hope things work out for you.

I would be worried. This is crazy you need to get out fast. Can your parents help you? I wouldnt stay

I think it's time to leave.


My question is - he did really use a condom?

let him spend 100 everytime...these men dont know how precious a wife is!

How many chances are you going to give him? When is enough enough?

Yes.. this is the only one you know about..

What about the other times he has cheated that you dont know about

You make sure that he has the test 100% completed. Still no sex after that. I would contact a shelter for women and leave him immediately. I would not want me or my child under the same roof as this man for one minuet longer. Get a divorce now even if you are going to live together and he has to start paying you child support. The child support in the state of Texas still has to be paid even if you are still living under the same roof. This will allow you to save some of it. Of course if he gets ticked off enough he would leave anyway. Remember he leaves ...not have the child an in the divorce decree you would still get the house.
Also in Texas there is the chips program for insurance on the children, you would qualify for food stamps. You and your child could make it although the going will get tuff...Depends on what you want.

Alright, I understand that I am going to be the only one on your list with this answer.

What your husband did was not just betrayel, but it was out right WRONG. Do you deserve better? Yes sweety, you do.

When you agreed to marry this man you also agreed to be with him forever for better or for worse. Now is one of those 'for worse' times. So now it's time to prove yourself and that promise and your knee jerk reaction is to bail, save yourself. I can relate to that.

Here's the thing about men though (and not all of them are like this but by that I'm sure its a very small 9% margin) they are designed to have sex with as many women as possible to further the race. It's the roll biology has given them, and one most can not (good as they are) fight. Sex is simply sex.

I myself will be getting married soon and I've had to silently come to terms with the fact that the man I'm looking at now who is so in love with me and would never hurt me, the man I love before any other - probably will play the infedility game to some degree at some point. I couldn't marry him if I couldn't be truthful with myself and ask if I could still love him if he did... I'm a realist.

My point is this. It would be easier to pick up and spite the father of your child. Divorce him slander his name, make him hurt just an ounce of the amount that he has made you hurt.

Or you could love yourself, your child, and him more - enough to honor your vows. You promised yourself, and him in the eyes of God that you would. And you could also humble him with that love, and show him that if there was anything in his life that ever counted for anything - it was marrying you. The guilt alone will be more than he could ever deal with. And it would cause him more pain than leaving him ever could.

You are a good person, and you deserve so much more from him. Now is the time to ask for it.

I hope this makes any sense.

Since you declared you sex life over you shouldn't be worried at all. I think you're doing the right thing in planning on leaving him, good for you! This will be very hard for you but I'm sure if you stick to your ideals you'll be able to pull through it.
But have you had sex with him before you told you, but after he had sex with the escort? If so, try to stay calm; condoms are very effective protection against most STD's including the virus that causes AIDS. Just to be safe you should also get yourself tested to make sure you don't have gonorrhea or anything else.
It's unfortunate that he is your only source of income.. Is there any way a family member could support you till you graduate? It would be best for you to leave now, if you plan on doing it. That way you can leave while your will is still strong and he doesn't have the chance of weaseling his way back into your heart. (I have a feeling he's done that before in the 7 years you've been together.)

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