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What can be detected on a pap smear?

i got a pap smear done and my results havent came back yet it going on 2 weeks, i was just wondering if my doctor found anything abnormal with my test if he would have called me by now? also can stds be detected in the pap smear? can hiv be detected in a pap smear also?

The Pap smear itself only tests for cervical cell changes that are associated with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Any other STD's are tested for using a separate swab. HIV cannot be detected in a smear test.
Your doctor or one of the nurses should have let you know their procedure before you left the office. Mine always sends a letter within two weeks, whether my test came back normal or not. Some offices don't bother to send letters unless there is a problem, figuring no news is good news. I would not be satisfied with that method, however. Just ring them and ask to speak to the nurse, they will put you through and you can ask to make sure.

they usually tell you what they are testing for when you have it done. the pap is to see abnormal cells in your cervix, which may lead to cervical cancer. now the other stuff would depend on what they tested for. if you asked for an hiv test they would give you one. sometimes they did for some stds but not all. and the test might not be complete yet. they should send you a paper in the mail telling you the results. if something was wrong they would call but sometimes these test take a while cause they have to send it away.

Pre cancerous, displasia, and cervical cancer cells. This is not a test for std's and usually no news is good news because they would definitely let you know if it were abnormal.

I'm pretty sure that it's the test for cervical cancer.

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