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Undetectable HiV Status?

If someone had an 'Undetectable' HiV Viral load reading for three or more consecutive years . . . and this person went to get tested for HiV (again) through another 'Anonymous' testing site/facility and tested Negative for HiV , what does this mean ? ?
If I'm not mistaken , HiV tests (nowadays) are meant to detect the presence of HiV antibodies and that the tests are not 'directly' looking for viruses.
Please don't tell me that HiV is incurable, this is not so. There is no known cure for HiV . . . . it is still within the realm of reality to 'suggest' that the human body may be able to rid itself of such diseases (including cancer). Gee, I hope I didn't answer my own question(s).

i've always wondered the same thing. i work in a lab and do this testing on a daily basis and i've seen patient samples come in who have been positive for years and years who all of a sudden will test negative. it baffles me. there is so much we don't know about this virus and i guess it just depends on the body of the person who has it.

I have two friends who have been living with HiV for over 20 years. One of them has continually strengthened his immune system and nutrition and has never experienced any symptons at all (his partner passed away within 18 months of contracting the disease)

My other friend went to a brilliant Chinese Herbalist and was declared (by the tests you mention above) clear after 3 months of treatment and has remained so for over 10 years.

I agree that HiV is NOT incurable. Quality of life and a sympton free life are the best indicators of beating this disease.

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