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Do life insurance companies test for stds?

I have applied for a life insurance policy. I have an std( not hiv) will they find out from the blood test.
Also do they tell the agent the result of the test and get into specifics?

I am an insurance agent and can tell you they do not test for STD other then HIV or AIDS but they do ask. If you lie and tell them you do not have any and it comes back to bite you they can deny the benefit.

If you are not comfortable having the agent do the medical questioning, you can ask to have a 3rd party do the interview.

Here are the questions relating to STD.

Genital or rectal warts, herpes, condyloma, or any other sexually transmitted disease? So obviously you would need to answer YES.

Also, as an agent, we could care less about your personal history. We are doing our job and that is it. If it is a friend who is the agent i can see the dilemma.

It's very possible that they'll find it. They won't tell the agent, unless it affects the rates. And if it does, they'll tell the agent "because of blood test results" which can include high cholesterol, metabolic disorder, etc, not just std. They won't tell the agent "Hey, Joey's got the Clap!".

I don't think they can legally test you for an STD...I think they are looking for genetic problems, etc.
If they disqualified someone for an STD (like genital herpes) then almost NO one would qualify..would they?
I'm not an expert...and this is IMHO, but I don't think this is what they are looking for...

They ask you questions. Primerica, when they took my blood, did not test for std's. But I knew if I had one and lied and they found out, they might not pay my family. Your health records will be looked at. THAT is where they will find out about your std. Be honest and upfront.

Yes, they test for STDs. Depending on what you have, you may not necessarily be declined or rated.

I do not know if they tell the agent about STDs.

yes they wil test and rate you for an std they are immune deficiencies and can effect your over all health level and the commenter LIL where do you come from where everyone has something like genital herpes come on not everyone has that most no one has that.

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