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Is liver fuction test(LFT) show that u have a hepatitis and HIV?

hi i went to doctor, becaz i have a illness from last 4 months after doctor tell me to do liver function test(LFT), this test result came good means negetive.doctore tell me u have not hepetitis .can u tell me please if my liver working properly now so i dont have hepatitis and HIV?

Well, not being a physician you should really consult with your doctor. My opinion is that if your LFT came back good then your liver is not yet impaired or inflamed. Hepatitis just means liver inflamation, not necessarily disease. You can get it from drinking dangerous amounts of booze. It also won't diagnose HIV. You say you have an illness from sex, but not how you know that. If you are only guessing, I'd say get yourself tested for HIV specifically and if your doctor has felt your abdomen and ordered a LFT, you may still be in trouble even if it came back fine. Make him explain what this all means and what new tests need to be done.

A liver function test would show whether or not you have liver damage, the presence of which could indicate Hepatitis, but it would not show anything about whether or not you have HIV. You need to have an HIV test done to find out whether or not you are infected. (This test is either a blood test or an oral swab to detect antibodies to the virus. If you test positive, further blood testing is done to confirm the diagnosis and to determine how much of the virus is in the blood.) Antibodies to HIV usually show up on tests within 3 months of infection, but in very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months for the antibodies to show up on a test, so your doctor may recommend retesting.

LFT can tell that you do not have hepatitis. However, you need to run another test for HIV. They run this off of your blood also. Sometimes, you can have HIV and not know it. It can take up to 10 years to show up. If you suspect that you may have it then you should get tested every 6 months. Everyone should be tested if they have had multiple or a different sex partner. It is better to know and be safe than sorry. Plus, you don't want to spread it to someone else.

it would tell you if the liver was functioning or not but will likely not say if you have hep or HIV. the doctor would likely ask you to go for an STD test if it was possible that you had it. Other things like drinking, medications,natural causes can cause the liver to not function properly

a hepatits c test should have been done. i would think that it would be a little early for liver function testing. hep c does affect the liver, but, it takes years sometimes for it to disease the liver.
hiv testing needs to be performed. some call it western blot or other various names. ask specifically for an hiv test. go to the health unit, they are free.
God bless you.

Liver function tests tell you nothing about H.I.V.
You have to have an actual H.I.V. test for that.
A liver function test will tell you if you have hepatitis. If the results came back as normal then you probably do not have hepatitis!

You may just not be eating very healthy. Change your diet and get some exercise. When your liver isn't healthy, it secretes enzymes into your blood. But your liver can often times recover from an unhealthy lifestyle. Make some changes dude.

I think the only way to get tested through hiv is a blood test

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