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HIV test negative one month after?

hey guys, I was nervous about an encounter so I went to get tested today and it has been about 30 days since the encounter. It was negative- should I still be worried? I feel much much better for now and I will go back again in two months for another test just in case. But do you think this one should be okay?

Your negative result at around 4 weeks is a very good indication that you are not infected. Around 90% of the infected people test positive by this time. But you have to confirm it with a 3 months conclusive test (based on the guideline).

It is very unlikely that you have HIV. One time unprotected exposure (if it was vaginal) carries a risk of 1 in 1000. Also you probably not sure if your partner was infected as most of the people are not, specially in north america.

Dont worry. Go get tested again in 3 months after exposure and put this incident behind you. Expect a negative result.

If you have had unsafe behavior then continue to get tested every few months, especially if you are sexually active a lot. Please use condoms and don;t forget that foreplay and oral sex can be risky so make certain the person you have sex with has a clean slate. You need to be certain; like checked for 6 months at least, before another sexual encounter, to protect anyone else and yourself. Probably you are okay but there is no guarantee.
There is another problem associated with AIDS. It is a syndrome called Fraids. A person is so stressed with worry they develope symptoms even if they don't have a problem. Change your sexual behavior and you will change your stress level.

I think the chances are pretty slim that you have it. Most of the tests today can detect small levels of the antibody after only a few weeks after exposure. To be 99.9999% sure, get a follow up test in 6 months (that's the upper bound of how long it would take for antibodies to show up)

stay healthy

i would go back in two months.... 25 -90 days to show up 99.9% accurate.

i would get one in two more months, the reason why the CDC says 6 months because it can take up to six months in very very very rare cases. And the CDC has to cover their selves

The CDC says the window phase (how long it takes the HIV antibodies to show up in your blood) is 3-6 months.

It is good that your initial test was negative, however it is not conclusive. A test after 90 days is considered conclusive. Was your partner tested? That may ease your mind even more. Good luck.

It could actually take years to find out. You should do some more research !

Yes you should. Not to be mean or anything but it can take 6 months to find out of you have aids it takes time. You will have to go back in 6 months for another test

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