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How long does it take for HIV or hepatitis C to show up in your blood on a test from the time you are exposed

How long does it take for HIV or hepatitis C to show up in your blood on a test from the time you are exposed

Hepatitis C takes 2-24 weeks to show up in a test, HIV takes 2 weeks to 3 months, but can take as long as 6 months. See the link below for more information.Best wishes.

For HIV the incubation period is anywhere from two to twelve weeks to as long as six months from the time you are exposed.

For Hepatitis C the antibodies may not show up in the blood stream for several months after exposure.

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  • If someone is infected with hiv and start showing symptoms would it appear on the bllod test..just curious?

    I absoutely think so, if hiv blood get into someone i think yuor body starts to make anti-bodies soon after which will be like 48hours minimum.....few weeks from 2-4 weeks people who have hiv/aids ...

  • I have been sleeping with my partner for over 6 months and he tested hiv negative what are the odds that i wil

    Unless you had HIV or AIDS before having sex with him or he was tested during a "window" period in which the virus will not show up, then you should be clear. It's good that you'...

  • After being infected with HIV, how long does it take to show on a blood test?

    I can answer your question and have the source to back it up. When you get tested for HIV, they don't test for the virus itself, but test for the HIV antibodies that your body has made to comb...

  • I know with traditionaly HIV cant be found for 3 months... but is there a test that finds it sooner?

    HIV can be detected in as little as two weeks. Or as long as 6 months after exposure. Check with the local doctors to find out the names of these tests 'cause I don't know. Or, the sit...

  • What is the quickest test that would determine beyond doubt if a person is HIV + ?

    You are able to take a swab test, now, that will give you a positive or negative for HIV in 20 minutes or less. Still, remember, you can show negative for HIV and still be positive at a later time....

  • Any suggestions on how can I support a friend who has tested HIV+?

    You shouldn't worry about being around them! It isn't contagious unless you have unprotected sex with them, or their blood somehow gets into your body! It's too late to change wha...

  • 鈾?Is It Possible To Have HIV After Testing....?

    Yes, because HIV can always show up on tests years after you actually caught it and not show up when you first get tested. Its best to get checked every 6 months.

  • I have a friend and she has had 2 sexual partners in the last 2 years , both of them have been tested hiv neg?

    If she is sexually active yes she should get tested. Never trust anyone's word about their HIV status -- actually HIV testing is not a bad idea for a second date. They may have been negativ...


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