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My doctor wants me to get a Hepatitis test because I have tattoos?

which are about 10 years old. I won't pretend to be an expert on this but I would think that in the last 10 years I would have had some sort of symptom. She would also like me to get an HIV test. Is my Doc being paranoid and just wants my money for the tests (expensive) or is it likely that in 10 years I would show no symptoms of both and be positive? I don't like having blood drawn and would like to avoid uneccessary and costly tests.

I have been with the same man for many years. when we met we both had HIV tests done. both were negative, we have both been faithful.

(yes - tattoos can cause hepatitis - usually dirty needles) most times this is caught in prison - a place i have never been.

and by the way - my doctor works at kaiser so YES - the money will be going to kaiser - which is who employs my doctor. I have health insurance through my work and I will still have to pay part of the testing cost.

Just do it! The doctor is just caring for your health. It won't hurt.

This is NOT who I picked for my best answer! i DEFINITELY do not consider this to be a good answer. Report It

i think ur docter need to visit a docter and a docter who can help him ...cuz he needs it

First off, your doctor is going to make money off the tests, the lab is. Second, if you have medical insurance, it should be covered. If you dont have medical insurance, depending on where you live you might have clinics that offer low cost or no cost HIV and Hep A,B and C tests.

I don't think that is right =they would have shut down tattoo places back then if tattoos were the cause of hepatitis

You can go to an AIDS clinic and have a test done anonymously and at no charge.

If you did have Hep C, by the time you had symptoms, you would be very sick, so I think checking for it is smart of your doctor. The disease is devastating. The HIV test would depend on how many sexual partners you've had and how your other bloodwork looks. A basic metabolic panel, comprehensive blood count, liver panel, and Hepatitis antibody check would actually be a very good plan. Do I think you have HIV or Hepatatis? No. But I would rather err on the side of caution on that one. If pain is an issue of getting blood drawn, there is over the counter numbing cream you can apply under plastic wrap two hours before you go so you won't even feel it. Let your doctor do her job. Of course it is up to you. If you feel the risk is less than the annoyance of getting tested, then skip it. My uncle popped up with Hep C 15 years after his tatoos were done with blood sugar so high he went into a coma. Until then, no one knew he was sick. Had he treated early, he would've lived longer. Just a thought...Good luck and good health to you.

I think you should have the tests. Hep C usually has no symptoms. Your life is more important than a few dollars.

If you are comfortable that the tattoo studio was clean and used sterilized equipment, then the tests are not required. That is - if the tattoos are the only reason your doctor wishes you to be tested. I have tattoos over half my body, from long ago till about five to seven years ago, and have had all those tests which came back negative. Tattoo studios have gotten more sterile since those bad old days. On the other hand, if your tattoos were picked out at home with a needle wrapped with thread and soaked in ink, and all your friends also did theirs at the same time with the same needle, you might think about getting the tests.

No your doctor is not being unreasonable. Many tattoo places don't always sterilize the equipment or needles correctly all the time. Also, some places send it out to get sterilized and that company doesn't do it correctly. Not all tattoo places get caught or get caught right away.
No, you may not be showing any signs. My aunt has Hepatitis and it didn't show up for over 30 year after she most likely contracted it. HIV doesn't always have symptoms right away either.
Yes, you should be tested. What if by some chance you do have Hepatitis? You could pass it to other people. Wouldn't you want to know now? There is treatment for some of the Hepatitis. I don't think you would have HIV, but who knows. I would be more worried about Hepatitis.
If I were you I would do the test. I would rather know than not.
Understand could be infected from the tattoo needles. It does happen. Be open minded and understand the doctor is looking out for your best interest not to make a buck.

I don't think the doctor makes any more money for having tests done, because they are sent off to a lab for processing and they're the ones who get paid for doing the tests.

You can sometimes have hepatitis and not get it diagnosed right away. It is also possible to have HIV for many years without getting AIDS. I don't know why your doctor is suddenly concerned about these things now, but I can imagine it being reasonable to check.

Edited to add,
Even if your doctor's employers make money off the tests, I seriously doubt that it makes one cent of difference in your doctor's income if they order more tests.

I would get a second opinion if I was you.. Sounds like the doctor wants to make some extra money.

let me clear up something for you. EVERYONE has one risk factor for acquiring HCV!

as for no symptoms? before you believe you've had no symptoms, look up the 150 symptoms listed that have a higher incidence in those with hepatitis c.

did you know the most common symptoms of hcv are "flu-like symptoms?" or what about complaining "i just don't feel right?" do you have arthritic like pains in joints? hair folling out? thyroid problems, skin rashes, intestinal issues? what about your gallbladder or eye sight?

HCV can be aquired many many different ways. All it takes is one drop of wet or DRIED blood that is unseen to the naked eye. If you have tatoos or piercings your at risk. ever been to the dentist? ever shared a toothbrush or razor? ever had a paper cut?

any object that could have a persons blood on it can cause a person to acquire hcv- you do not have to go to the cleanest tatoo parlor to come up with hcv infection.

so you see? your doctor has a valid point and you should be VERY lucky she suggests these tests because the issue with HCV is it can go on for many decades and cause all sorts of issues and can go on to cause more damage without knowing the culprit. many heppers find out entirely way to late for treatment.

have you had a liver panel? maybe she saw something as far as the alt and ast levels or maybe she just wants to skip the alt and ast levels (in the liver panel test) because point blank, a person can have active chronic hepatitis c and still have normal enzyme levels!

do the test, you wont regret it!

*a reminder folks, hcv corpuscles found in semen, vaginal fluids, tears, saliva and mucus are NOT transferrable! there always has to be a blood to blood cross contamination to become infected with hcv! remember BLOOD TO BLOOD only!

The choice is yours but Hepatitis can be fatal.

I served in Vietnam and a few years ago the "Liver people" that monitor hepatitis wanted ALL VETERANS that served in Southeast Asia to be tested .... I served over 30 years ago !
I tested for "peace of mind" ... just to know that I did not have the stuff...
The procedure is easy ... a simple finger stick and the test is done (a small sample only was required)

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