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HIV Test After 6 days, Is it Accurate?

I tested negative for HIV after 6 days. How accurate would this be if it's been 6 days?

Try 3 months.

Why would you test for it when you don't even know the basics of the test? Doing it that early is useless, sorry.

But by the looks of things you are over-reacting and so probably don't have it...

It takes at least 6 months for HIV to show up in a blood test and maybe not even for 10 yrs so keep testing every 6 months and most importantly. Practice safer sex and stop worrying about it. I recommend a book bt Esther and Jerry Hicks called The Law Of Attraction. It's new age and will tell you how to avoid illnesses like Aids and all life's crap.

Not very.It can actually take weeks for it to show up on a test. Please check out this website... It answers some of the questions that are often asked!

No this is not accurate at all:after 3 months they need to do a re check:then if it is negative you are home free.
Good luck

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