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Do infectious disease specialists always check for HIV?

I was hospitalized with pneumonia several months ago and the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong. So they called in an international infectious disease specialist. He also couldn't figure out the source of my illness.

I was in the hospital for 11 days and they ran an unbelievable number of blood tests. They found out that I had been smoking weed but could never figure out anything else.

How likely is it that they checked my for HIV in their research. I've never thought that I had HIV and they didn't say that they found HIV, but I am wondering if that is a test that infectious disease specialists perform, and doe they look for signs of HIV?

If they didn't check for HIV, is it likely that they looked for symptoms but just didn't see any evidence?

it sounds like you're interested or concerned about your HIV status - its very easy to find local anonymous testing sites, or just ask your family doctor to run a test for you.

with regard to your question, ID guys always consider the possibility of HIV, and in any mysterious pneumonia, it would be routine to test for it. However, you would have to sign for consent to do that test -- even though it should have been done in your case, if you did not sign a consent, then that means it wasn't done.

Sure the ID guy would have been looking for physical signs to tip off to HIV infection - but those are unreliable, and if he had any concern the only thing to do is run an antibody test.

They will only perform an HIV test if their other tests support this diagnosis. There are certain diseases (such as PCP) that are rarely seen except in people with HIV.
I don't know the laws in all states, but in the state I live in, the patient has to sign a permit to draw blood for an HIV test.
You have the right to ask your doctor, and/or request your records to know for sure.

They won't check for HIV without you signing permission

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