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What does it mean when my hiv test says non-reactive?

I recently got my HIV test results back but there is all this technical stuff on it that I don't understand. It says non-reactive 4 times. Is this good or bad? It doesn't tell me anywhere on the sheet if Im positive or not.

Non-reactive = YOU'RE NEGATIVE, You Don't have it!!

Woohoo, congrats :)

In terms of HIV antibody testing, "non reactive" means negative. If your test would have been positive, you would have seen the phrase "repeatedly reactive" ("repeatedly", because the test is always repeated if the result is positive.).

I do testing using the Orasure antibody test. The phrases "nonreactive" or "repeatedly reactive" are always used, rather than "Positive" or "Negative". The phrasing can be confusing to people being tested, and I believe that the person who gives you your results has the responsibility to explain those results to you. I am required to give results in person, NOT by phone or mail, and explain what those results mean.

Since it can take some time for antibodies to show up on tests, consider retesting if you have had any unprotected sex or other risky behavior within the 3-6 months prior to the test. More than 98% of people test positive within 3 months. In rare cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone to test positive.

non-reactive means that HIV antibodies cannot be detected so you are negative IF your test was at least 3 months after your possible exposure. If it is less than 3 months, then it is not considered conclusive and you have to repeat it in 3 months after your exposure.

It means that you are HIV-. Please keep in mind the window period that goes back 3 months. So if you had unprotected sex three months back from your results, you may want to retest 3 months after your last test as long as you are using protection.

I think it means negative. If it were positive, they would've called you in to answer more questions (eg- info on past partners etc).

You are negative for HIV!! Yeah!! Now practice some safe sex!

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