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I practice safe sex 99% of the time but friday I was stupid and barebacked & he came inside me. Will I get HIV?

I'm so stupid. I almost always practice safe sex.

I barebacked on friday and he came inside me.
I dont know his hiv status and he wont get tested.

I just know he's promiscuous and was in drug rehab twice (no needles, just cocaine/weed). He tested negative 10 months ago.

I started nPEP (post exposure prophylaxis) 14 hours after being exposed.

What are the chances I will bet hiv? Even if he is positive, is there a chance I wont get it?

Plus, I ve never bottomed before so i think it puts me at higher risk for getting hiv since i would be more prone to microabrasions.

Has anyone ever barebacked with someone they didnt know that well and made it out "negative"??

im gay
i was the receptive "bottom"

If you started the prophylaxis then your risk is low. There is also a chance of Hepatitis C, Herpes, HPV (warts)- none of which are curable. There is also the chance of pregnancy- keep a check on that.

I would follow up with a doctor in in the next 6 months for repeat testing.
I suggest ALWAYS using condoms. It is not a question of IF you with get an STD, but WHEN you will get an STD if you don't use a condom. You can't rely on the odds being in your favor of 1 encounter in 99 being barebacked making you at a less risk for STDs. The simple fact that you don't wear a condom makes you at risk- 1 in 4 people have HPV. Think about. You can't tell most STDs by looking or touching someone. Only by lab tests.

Be careful! This is your only life.

Assuming he was HIV positive, there is still no way for anyone to guess if you will be infected or not. There is no exact answer for your question.
Hopefully, you will be more careful from now on.

Im sorry to hear this, "If he wont get tested" That means something, Means he has done it before and is very scare and doesnt want to know the outcome. Just get tested ASAP. Im praying for you.


Well I don't want to scare you but you engaged in the most dangerous activity possible. And he came inside you. And since you were bottoming for the first time he probably tore you *** up. You had all kinds of cuts up there and his *** was introduced. If he's HIV+ there's a relatively high probability that you were exposed.

Also the stage of infection when the person is most infections is at the very beginning - if he was negative 10 months ago and has recently become infected he would have a relatively high viral load.

Also drug abuse reduces inhibitions and increased chances of risky behavior. If he's been in rehab and sleeps around and doesn't use protection he's at really high risk - meaning that you are too.

However exposure does not always lead to infection. Also you started PEP really soon after exposure. God willing you will be negative and dodged a bullet this time.

It's not are easy to catch as you think and even if he was + and you weren't taking PEP you could still not become infected. But it only takes one time...

Get tested in 3 months and again in 6. I'm praying for you.

I hope you learned your lesson.

Let me try to assess your risk.

1) You do not know if your partner was infected or not. It is very unlikely that he is infected. Most people are not infected specially in north america or other industrialized countries

2) The chance of contracting HIV from a single episode of anal sex is estimated around 1 in 100, IF your partner is infected.

Althouh anal sex is highest risk in all sexual exposures, your risk is still very low from this single episode. Your PEP treatment reduces the chance by 50%. You did the right thing.

Now dont worry. I am very confident that your HIV test will be negative.

I was just reading about HIV yesterday and learned that they might not be able to find HIV antibodies in you until anywhere between 3 and 6 months from time of infection (although chances are it would take no longer than about 3 months for antibodies to turn up). I'm thinking that if the man you were with does have HIV then chances are you got it too since you did not use any protection and he came inside of you. You should go talk to a doctor ASAP so that y'all can come up with a plan. THE SOONER YOU TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR THE BETTER!
Also, in answer to the question you put at the end of your post: I once saw a story about a woman whose husband had HIV and also had sex with her for years before she knew he was infected. Amazingly enough, when she was tested the test came back negative. I don't know if they ever had unprotected sex (although I think we could assume that they might have since they WERE married) but still, I think that was quite an incredible story.
But yeah, just go talk to your doctor ASAP.

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