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What are the chances of catching HIV during sex if the condom breaks and only one partner releases (***)?

I have a friend who had sex with this girl and the condom broke. He said that he did not ejaculate but she did and he pulled out as soon as the condom broke. He had a test done a few days after that incident and hasn't been tested since then. It's been a few years since he's been tested. He said that he was scared of bad news but I informed him that I would go with him to take the test. The girl he had sex with is now a nurse, and he wanted to know what are the chances of him having HIV, because he dont know for sure if the girl has been tested and whether or not she will tell him if he contracted something from her.

actually, the first answer is NOT true. it is not just blood that matters.
ANY body fluid can transmit HIV....
Have your friend talk to his Dr. He will give him the best advice and be able to provide the testing he needs to make sure he is OK.
A trained professional is his best resource. Good Luck!
PS. If he doesn't have insurance or the money, have him go to his local Public Health Department, or Planned Parenthood.
They also have excellent resources and clear, reliable information.

Definitely have him get another test 6 months after the incident, and 6 months after that. It can take up to a year for HIV to show up on a test.

That said, the odds that she had HIV are very low, especially since she is a nurse. And even if she did, the odds that she passed it on to him aren't that great either.

Keep in mind though--a 1-in-50,000 chance is only remote until you ARE that one. Condoms break more than people realize. I have a 10-year old nephew who is proof of that.

Chances of contracting HIV from a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex is around 1 in 1000, IF the partner was infected. Also it is extremely unlikely that she was infected.

Ask him to take a test. He can expect and negative result

so he hasn't had sex for two years? drag his as- down to get tested it's people like this that should be removed from planet earth. it's fluid not just blood...body fluid you know sexual juice. if the young lady is pos + she and the health dept have an obligation to notify her partners GET TESTED.

The chances are nil. first he pulled out second she is a nurse and she would have taken precautions before having sex.

it is not the release, it is blood that matters. 99% he doesn't have it.

the chance is less than .05 %

The chance of transmission from female to male via heterosexual vaginal intercourse is .05 percent per act. It is very unlikely that he was exposed to HIV through this encounter. 1) he pulled out when the condom broke, limiting the amount of fluid that he was exposed to. 2)the girl is a nurse and would have been tested while in the nursing program at school (you must get a physical). However, the test that was performed a few days after the incident is irrelevant, there wouldn't have been enough time for antibodies to form. He needs to be responsible for his health and the health of his current or future partners and get tested again. But there is most likely nothing to worry about from that incident.

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