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How do people know they have HIV/AIDS?

are there symtoms? i never believed people when they say they "didn't know they had HIV/AIDS" (besides getting tested which everone sleeping around should do once a year), but now i realize i really don't know one way or the is it possible to walk around and not realize you have it?

I know how to get tested i get tested at my yearly gyno visit :)....i couldn't just walk around not knowing ya kno?

Yes, it is possible for someone to have HIV and not know they have it. Most people who have HIV (the virus that can lead to AIDS) have NO symptoms at all for several years. Few people have flu-like symptoms within a few months after getting infected, but that is rare. You can not tell if someone is infected just by looking at them.

Due to lack of symptoms, testing is the ONLY way to find out if you have HIV. More than 98% of people who have HIV would test positive within 3 months after getting infected. In very rare cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone to test positive.

Important: Once someone is infected, they CAN transmit the virus to others, even if they do not have symptoms, and even if they do not yet test positive.

There are thousands of people walking around with HIV, they have never been tested and don't feel they are at risk. People should test once a year, more if the have many partners.

There are no signs of HIV and it can take 10-12 years before people see any reason to find out they are infected.

you might not know this the symptoms kick in a guy i worked with who was gay died from it, he was always complaining how super tired he was and no matter what he ate he was losing so much weight and he started to get those sores that don't heal......

go to the dr and get blood work done and ask them to run a test for hiv/aids to put your mind at ease

everyone sleeping around should use a condom. And no...there aren't symptoms until it is acutally full blown AIDS and many don't know until the tests say they have it.

Same with many STDs....many people are walking around right now and don't know they have it.

Yes, I do know some people who have the virus!! At least 5 of them work at the same facility as I do!!
Which happens to be a military hospital!
1 doctor and 4 nurses. So be warned! The white coat does not grant immunity from this disease!
This disease doesn't have any obvious symptoms. Anybody can be a carrier. The only way to be sure is to be tested.

There are no real symptoms. If someone is sick with something like the common cold and they aren't getting better in the amount of time that I normal person would it's possible they have HIV/AIDS. They should go to their doctor and ask to get tested.

yeah it's possible to have HIV and no symptoms, it's even possible to have HIV and test negative at first, that's why they say to get tested once a year. It only takes a few minutes, so you should just get tested.

You can have HIV and not know it. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

AIDS is an immune disease. You start getting sick and frequently. A cold could put you in the hospital.

Stay safe and get tested

It's pretty easy, you just go to the hospital and they'll most likely take a blood sample. I don't have it, but I think if you had AIDS you would know, but HIV you don't always know.

You won't really know unless you get tested, or if you wait quite a few years until the symptoms of AIDS show up, and even then it's only a weak immune system.

Oh because basically there are no symptoms for HIV. AIDS on the other hand is caused from having HIV. So AIDS is the later stage where you do have symptoms.

The only sure way is a blood test-I think by the time the symptoms start you are pretty far gone.

Don't go to the ER it just incures in more costs. Make a doctor appointment to get tested.

they go get tested for it..and if they dont and had more than over 15 ppl they sleeped with with out a condom they should..but even than you should still get tested

Yeah that's possible

lol actually a lot, i believe around 40-60 percent

go to the doctor or emergamcy room or hospital and get tested


Blood tests.

they get tested for it

youll only know if you get tested for it

they get tested

they get tested via blood sample

look inside your hole

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