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Sex with Girlfriend HIV-Pos, AIDS?

I was having sex with my gf for about 2 months without protection. Turns out she never told me she was HIV Pos. After 2 months I decided to wear protection, 2 months after the last unprotected act i got a negative HIV test result. Am I going to get AIDS, or am I fairly safe? Also, If I have AIDS, and have kids, theyre going to have AIDS at birth and die right away? or is there medicine that can stop that?

you can still get it even after 10 years or so. it lays dormant in the body. You will have to test every six months to make sure you are negative. (My step mom got it from a transfusion, and my dad had unprotected sex with her ONCE they made him test for ten years which just ended. she has since died). You are NEVER fairly safe, non protected sex is a surefire way to get AIDS. Sometimes the kids don't get aids and sometimes they do. You should have thought about that, and SHE definitely should have told you. If you do get aids, you can press charges if she knowingly had unprotected sex while knowing she was infected. If you chose to go that route. But you will have to test and have PROTECTED sex the rest of your life.

Omg, you need to educate your self very fast, if you don't know those answers you need not to have sex!
If your girlfriend never told you she had HIV than there is something wrong with her, she could go to jail for that.
I would go two more times in a 4 month time frame to make sure because it does take time for it to infect your blood stream.
You really need to educate your self because your children would not die at birth, most of the time children with HIV parents are born with HIV and there are some that are not born with HIV, being born with HIV is not something that would kill a child but yes there are drugs that you can take that can help not spread it to someone else. You should download the Lifetime movie Girl Positive.

dude u can still get aids even though a condom!!!! be careful bro she ain't worth it. Im not too sure about HIV, it still maybe able to pass through condoms. Also when you get HIV it will probably have an incubation period in your body meaning it might take some time to activate therefore you could have had HIV but not yet spread in infect your body therefore causing the test to be negative.

Also god created females beautifully, if the mother has aids she will NOT pass it on to the children. Also talk to your doctor, dont always trust yahoo answer, people are not 100 percent accurate in there responses

HIV can take 6 mos to show. Continue to be safe, continue to be tested. If you're no longer w/ your GF if you wind up positive, you can sue. I can't beleive the level of dishonesty.

Not sure about YOUR semen, but a woman w/ HIV is very likely to pass on the disease to her kids - she needs to be on meds during the PG & often meds can keep an HIV pos person alive so much longer than before.

She never told you?! She could go to jail for that if she knew she was HIV positive. Im so sorry she did that to you. It can take up to 6 months for HIV to show up. If you had sex with her for two months without a condom...Im not going to lie and say your fine. You need to wait about 3-6 months after your last unprotected encounter. How long were you dating her? If she knew she had HIV she HAS to tell you!! That is not OK! Please go to a Dr and talk with them. I wish you the best.

You could be pos, the only way to tell is a blood test. Since condoms are not 100% (although they do protect you a LOT, so don't stop using them or anything) you are still putting yourself at risk every time you have sex with her.

Children born to AIDS mothers can sometimes get AIDS, but not ALL the time. They will not necessarily die at birth.

It is not 100% that you will have HIV for sleeping with a HIV-Pos. woman. It has a risk though.
So, you may, but you may not, just if she has HIV-Pos. you have better use protection EVERY TIME!
And make a side note that you can still get it with protection on, just you have a less chance.

2.) No, HIV does not pass down through genes.

3.) HIV has no cure yet.

it takes 6 months for aids to even show up at all so you might have it and it is verrrrrrrryy likly yur kids will have it and die very young and yes have a very painful life im sorry that happened tho that sucks. just rememerber how ur gf screwed you and dont do it to anyone else

If the female has AIDS and she has a baby they will cut it out through the stomache. If she had a vaginal birth it would get infected. You may or may not get AIDS. It takes many tests to prove whether or not. Usually after 6 months they can determine.

ummm...i think there is a 3 month window before u can tell if ur positive or negative, dont want to scare you. Theres a chance that ur kids can be born without it but why dont u check out

I cannot believe the ignorance of your gf not to be honest with you . I hope things work out for you .

Oh man you should go take a blood test. If ur negative then ur lucky. If she is pregnant its big chance baby will be infected by hiv. Or disease idk thats terrible.

you can sue her for a lot of money for not telling you

lesson learned: always find out before you tap dat azz.

don't have sex with her until u talk to your doctor about it

I know a lot of people are going to scoff and get angry at my answer, but I know a lot more about HIV and AIDS than most. It is not very easy to contract this virus from a woman during vaginal intercourse, and it is very hard to get it from a person whose viral load is undetectable. The higher the viral load, the more contagious the carrier is. You can still test positive 6 months after you have unprotected sex, so keep getting tested just in case. Fortunately the negative test was probably accurate since the tests they have these days are far more sensitive than the earlier tests.

As for children, HIV+ women give birth to healthy babies every day. There are medication protocols that protect the baby, so less than 2% of babies are born with the illness, and those are usually to women who did not follow the medication protocol. Most anti-retroviral drugs are safe and approved for pregnancies, but they must be prescribed by a perinatologist (high risk pregnancy obstetrician). Recent statistics show that fewer than 150 babies were born with HIV in the US in the last year, and that most of those babies were born to women that didn't know they had the virus. Babies who are born to HIV+ women test positive themselves for the first year to year and a half, but that is just the mother's antibodies. The babies usually begin testing negative after the age of 1, and they lead healthy, normal lives.

The statistics on babies born to mothers who never followed a medication regimen is 20% are born infected. Not good, but still a lot better than the odds that most people assume.
Perinatologists prefer vaginal births to c-sections for HIV+ women as this is less risky for passing any kind of infection to the baby.

All this being said, I would seriously consider this girlfriend's integrity since she did put you at risk for 2 months without giving you the option. It is always your responsibility to protect yourself, but what she did is still wrong. It is very big of you if you have decided to forgive her for this.

I promise you, you can NOT test positive 10 years later after a negative test! That sounds like very archaic advice. 6 months will suffice.


Learn about HIV. Use this Web site, and also check out It is a great source of information, too
Learn how to keep from getting and spreading HIV
As soon as you test positive, contact your regular healthcare provider. If you do not have one, contact your local AIDS service organization (ASO)

You can get HIV if you:

Have oral, anal, or vaginal sex with a person who has HIV
Share drug needles or syringes with a person who has HIV
If you are pregnant and have HIV, you can pass the virus to your baby. Babies become infected during pregnancy, childbirth, or breast-feeding.

HIV spreads from person to person through these body fluids:

A man's semen and "pre-***" (pre-seminal fluid)
Fluids in a woman's vagina (vaginal secretions)
Breast milk
You do not get HIV just by touching or being touched by infected blood or body fluids. The virus must get inside you and into your blood. It gets inside you through an open cut or sore on your skin or on a mucous membrane. These membranes are found in the penis, vagina, anus, rectum, mouth, and eyes.

Stop the spread of HIV when you have sex
If you do not have oral, vaginal, or anal sex, you cannot pass on the virus through sexual contact. Remember:

If you do have sex but do not have HIV, the more people you have sex with, the greater your chance of getting HIV
If you do have sex and already have HIV, you can give HIV to someone else or you can get a strain of the virus that is different from the one you have. The medicines you take may not be able to control the new strain
Always use a condom for oral, anal, or vaginal sex and find out how to use a condom the right way

Stop the spread of HIV to babies
In the United States, most babies of mothers with HIV are not born with HIV. That's because these mothers do one or more of these things:

Get on treatment for HIV and stick with it. If you are pregnant and are being treated for HIV, there is only a very small chance that you will pass HIV to your baby
Have a C-section, not a vaginal birth. If you are pregnant and your virus is not under control, having a C-section before labor begins can lessen the chance of passing HIV to the baby. Ask your healthcare provider if having a C-section is right for you
Feed your baby formula, NOT breast milk. Also, never mix formula with breast milk .

Do you have any of these signs that do not go away?
Mouth sores

White patches in your mouth

Sores on or around your penis or vagina

Swollen glands in your neck, armpits, or groin


Low red blood cell count (anemia)


Do you have any of these symptoms that do not go away?
Night sweats

Headaches you cannot explain

Weight loss without being on a diet

Dry cough

Tiredness no matter how much you sleep

Little hunger (loss of appetite)


Itchy vagina with white discharge (yeast infection)

SHAME ON HER !!! However, you should not be panicking. You got some good news huh? It was negative. However, it is best to have the test 6 months after your last sexual relationship with that person before you get tested. The virus can be undetectable for about 6 months. So wait another 4 months and take the test again. I hope you have some good news. I'll be praying for you, man.

Until you get that test redone, slow down on that sex thing. And when you have the good news, you should learn your lessons by then: NEVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX WITH SOMEONE BEFORE YOU HAVE PROOF HE (SHE) WAS RECENTLY TESTED. And even then, you never know since the virus can be undetectable for several months.

My advice to everybody is, "Unless it is your wife or husband, don't do it unprotected." And even then ...

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