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I slept with someone RUMORED to have HIV/AIDS in 2004.Its now 2009.could i still get a "FALSE" negative result?

2004, we had unprotected sex. i know a lot of other girls who had relations with this guys also. i got tested about a year ago, and it came back negative. all these other girls are going on with their lives...getting married and having kids.....should i do the same? it was never proven he had aids, just a rumor. but i sometimes feel guily for being with my boyfriend.....because even though i got tested, some say hiv/aids can take 10 years to come up as a positive test result. is this true? should i be single forever? this haunts me. its been 5 years and i still fear that one day ill get tested again and it will come out positive. is there any way i can find out if this guy does have hiv/aids? i was 18, he was 33. very abusive and neglecting. i hate him

It can take 10-12 years before a person has any symptoms of HIV/AIDS, but had they tested they would know. HIV will show up with in 3 month of being infected.

Move on with your life. He's is history.

There is a difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes aids. Here is the reason that is important:

If you contracted HIV, it would be positive within 6-8 months at the most.

It may take 10 or more yrs for HIV develop into AIDS, but you NEVER contract aids without being HIV positive.

That being said, if you had a negative HIV test 4 years after being with this guy, you did not contract HIV from him, therefore you cannot have AIDS from him and you cannot get a false negative from relations with him.

I would say to relax, Im 99.9% sure that if you got a negative test result after a few years that you DONT have HIV. It only takes 6-12 months for a positive result so I would say your safe! Take care, and enjoy your sex life (PROTECTED though) dont let this guy have any more control on your life then he has already, let him go and go out and date and have great sex!!!

If you are still concerned, then you need to be tested again. After 6 months, the results are about as accurate as they're going to get. Unfortunately, there is no way you can find out if he has HIV unless you ask him. Get tested again if you're still worried, but it's unlikely that you have HIV.

If you were HIV positive because of this encounter, you would have felt like you had the flu - drowsy, runny nose, etc. about 2 weeks after you had sex with him becuase your body would have gone into an autoimmune response trying to kill the virus. If you didn't have these symptoms, and were tested negative, then theres nothing to worry about.

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